"Khans of New California"
I organize guards like Ian to help fight them off. There is one band to the southeast of here. Watch out for them.Seth

The Khan Base is the main camp of the Khan raiders of South California around 2161. It is located southeast of the town of Shady Sands (six squares east and two squares south of Vault 13).


In 2161, the Khans lurched out in an open house to the southeast of Shady Sands, with tents around for lesser raiders. The leader of the Khans at that time was Garl, but he was killed by the Vault Dweller who came there to rescue Tandi, who had been kidnapped by the raiders. The Vault Dweller also killed most of Garl's companions, except for one young fellow called Darion (unseen in-game), who later became the founder of the New Khans.


The Khan Base is centered around the main building, which appears to be a jail. There are also four small tents where the raiders sleep and an outhouse behind the main building. The base has a boxing ring. The Vault Dweller can enter it only when fighting Garl to rescue Tandi.


  • Garl
  • Gwen
  • Alya
  • Diana
  • Khans prisoners
  • Petrox
  • Tolya
  • Tandi

Notable loot


  • The background music is "Khans of New California," which has been later used for the Den and mercenaries' cave.
  • If the Vault Dweller is male, is wearing a leather jacket and has a Luck of 9, the raiders will mistake the Vault Dweller for Garl's father, the previous leader of the Khans before Garl killed him.


The Khans can automatically become hostile especially if you saved and loaded inside Garl's room. This can be avoided by exiting to the main menu, reloading the save and not lingering in the area.


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