The Atomic Shop is the microtransaction store for spending Atoms (Atom) in Fallout 76.


Atomic Shop banner.png

The Atomic Shop is accessible from the game menu after leaving Vault 76 for the first time. The store sells cosmetics, C.A.M.P. objects, photo mode poses and frames, emotes, and icons. Purchases by a player will carry over to all of a player's characters. Objects originating from or modified by an item from the Atomic Shop can not be dropped or traded to other players.


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The canon status of content from the Atomic Shop was discussed by Design Director Emil Pagliarulo in August 2020. Pagliarulo stated that the status of many purchasable objects in the shop do not strictly confine to established lore and canon, as the internal rules for what can be placed in the Atomic Shop are very loose. Some items may have conflicting status within the lore, but are placed in the Atomic Shop because of their "fun factor."[1]


Most purchases require Atoms, which can either be bought or earned by completing challenges. There are some items that are available for free.

Real money to Atoms conversion table
500 5.00 3.99 4.99 6.49 7.95
1100 10.00 7.99 9.99 12.99 14.95
2400 20.00 15.99 19.99 24.99 29.95
5000 40.00 31.99 39.99 49.99 59.95

Available content

Content Directory
FO76 ATX Flyboy outfit.png
File:FO76 Atomic Shop - Down Home Dweller Bundle.png
File:FO76 ATX Tulip arrangement.png
AS Emote Mothman1.gif
FO76 Atomic Shop Liberator player icon.png
File:Atx photomode pose lotus l.png
Atomic backpack respondersrescue.png
File:FO76 Atomic Shop - Megaton hairstyle.png
File:FO76 Atomic Shop - Scrap Kit x 6.png


Icon Description
Atom This item is purchasable with Atoms.
Nuclear Winter battle-royale This item is only obtainable by advancing Overseer rank in the Nuclear Winter game mode.
Fallout 1st This item was only obtainable for Fallout 1st subscribers and may be considered legacy content.
S.C.O.R.E. The item was only obtainable through a Scoreboard season and may be considered legacy content.
Limited-time This item was only offered for a limited time and is considered legacy content.
Unused This item has yet to make its debut in the Atomic Shop and is not guaranteed to be released. It is considered unused content.
Upcoming This item has yet to added and is not currently obtainable.
Free This item is always available for free.
Cut content This item has been confirmed to be cut content. It will never be released as is.


FO76 Atomic Shop access point - Charleston station.png

Atomic Shop access in the form of a Vault Boy cut-out was added to all train stations by patch After negative community feedback, they were removed in the following patch, though one still exists in the Nuclear Winter game mode.



  1. Fallout 76: Is the Atomic Shop or Creation Club considered canon?:
    Emil Pagliarulo: "Atomic Shop is a lot...we found that Atomic Shop tends to not be canon so much, it's a lot looser. Just because it's, y'know, stuff that you purchase or use Atoms get into your game that is, like... there's a big fun factor there. There's a lot of stuff in Atomic Shop that we could take out because it's not strictly Fallout canon, and then players would be bummed. Because it's in a live multiplayer game, you... it's always a judgement call, it's tough. There's a lot of stuff that's... the canon rules are a lot lighter with the Atomic Shop stuff. Because we want people to have what they want and just have fun."
    Note: This video is an excerpt from a longer interview at Gamescom 2020.