Some of them went crazy. Some of us just accepted it. After a while, other ghouls would find their way in here and Underworld just sort of grew.Carol




博物館位於國家廣場的北方,華盛頓紀念碑的北偏西方。 Its east and west wings straddle the Museum station western exit. Willow, the Underworld sentry, can be found patrolling the area between the metro station and the museum entrance.


其結構幾乎沒有被破壞,但展品卻幾乎沒有倖存。The only un-destroyed exhibit is a woolly mammoth which can be seen as soon as you enter. 他內部都通往地下世界(一個屍鬼的城市)的入口。博物館內有遊戲中唯一存在的林肯的文物的組件—林肯的Repeater和林肯的帽子。The building occupies the real-world site of the National Museum of Natural History.




博物館——不包括地下世界——群居有大量的Feral Ghouls,Glowing Ones,甚至 Reavers(依難度決定)。但是,裝備Ghoul的面具可以讓所有的敵人都變得友善。.

With the Broken Steel add-on and after completion of the quest Take it Back!, a ghoul named Griffon can be found here selling The Amazing Aqua Cura! which is Aqua Pura with a "secret ingredient".




See the main article for item locations and buyers.



Diary, Quantum and skill book location

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine 在底層大廳的廚房區域的擱板上。他和一個急救包一起在廚房裡。(東廚房,西牆,底層擱板)
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum在廚房區域南側,一個桌子下面的箱子里。(旁面的自動售貨機也可能有一個量子可樂)
  • 林肯的日記-在底層大廳的二樓,展示房間的西北角


Lincoln's memorabilia locations

  • 中國陸軍特種行動訓練手冊在有Lincoln'Repeater的盒子的相鄰桌子上(博物館辦公室的二樓)
  • John Wilkes Booth Wanted Poster-和 內戰草案海報 都在歷史博物館辦公室的圖書館區域(有炮塔的兩層房間),在西南和東南角落的房間的書架一層(不同的地方)
  • 仿古林肯硬幣收集-圖書館區域的頂樓,當您上樓以後,穿過你面前的門和門後的大廳。他在房間的西牆上。
  • ction

Abe Action Figure-此物件在歷史博物館辦公室的檔案館的一張桌子上,在一個Very Hard級別的門後面。附近牆上有一個大洞,穿過它可以避開那個可惡的門。

  • Lincoln's Hat-在歷史博物館辦公室上樓梯(到一樓)後第一個右手邊的房間裡面,在房間左邊一個埋了一半的桌子附近。
  • Lincoln's Voice-在歷史博物館辦公室。它在圖書館(有炮塔的兩層房間),樓上,在主房間左邊的一個大洞上面的桌子上面。
  • Lincoln's Repeater-在歷史博物館辦公室的展館裡。上樓,穿過牆上的洞,在中間房間的左後方。


  • There will be some bear traps set in the upper floor kitchen, use caution.
  • Fawkes will remain here after being dismissed.
  • The T-Rex skeleton has three fingers, when in reality the Tyrannosaurus only had two.


The Museum of History appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png 當我第一次進入歷史博物館底層大廳的時候,所有的敵人都不攻擊我。他們只是一個跟著一個的跑圈……當玩家射擊他們的時候他們會攻擊,但是無論如何他們仍然在雷達上顯示為敵人。[已核实]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png If the player wears the ghoul mask into the abandoned portion of the Museum of History, not only will the feral ghouls refrain from attacking, but the automated turrets will not target the player.[已核实]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png展廳安全鎖在解開之後仍然可以鎖上——Hack附近的電腦來關上他們。你可以通過重複開門-鎖上這一過程來獲得經驗 (Fixed in patch 1.1.)[已核实]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When leaving Underworld, while walking through the museum entrance, your followers will disappear. This does not happen with Fawkes, due to the fact that it is his waiting point. The followers should reappear on exiting the area. Curiously, the game seems aware of this glitch, due to the fact followers may materialize through the door a few seconds after you have left, rather than just appearing instantly.[已核实]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes after destroying the turrets the shooting sound effects will continue to play.[已核实]
  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Sometimes when fast traveling to the museum, a super mutant will spawn inside the museum's cell. The only way to get to the super mutant is to use the console command of tcl and walk through the building. It can however be killed and looted normally.[已核实]


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