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卫星中继站是一座由英克雷占据的大型卫星通信阵列,在这里驻扎着许多英克雷的士兵和机器人reached through羅蘭汽車隧道. It has one interior section.





附近的地形就是一条南北走向的狭长的小山谷,而中继站本身则背靠大山设于山谷北端,The collapsed end of Rockland car tunnel and the door through which the area is accessed is at the southern end.The valley itself is split into an elevated road on the eastern side and a wider grass area to the west. 高地处设立有自动炮台和Enclave force-fields,有英克雷士兵守卫。


该设施占地面积相当地广,不过内部结构却并不复杂,三座天线塔楼的基层之间由一条主通道简单地联通,在其中有英克雷士兵守卫。该设施的主入口被瓦砾掩埋,The only way further inside the building is 一条维护用的通道with a small locker room on the side which ends in a room with generators, computers and a metal staircase leading upwards. While the intermediary level holds nothing of interest, the topmost level has a room with some tables and more computers on the one side and a small corridor on the other. After passing by yet another computer room, the corridor ends in another staircase, this time leading downwards. At the bottom level, there is a storage room or lounge connected to another service tunnel. Featuring a lot of crates and a barricade, the tunnel opens out into a room with pipes on its floor. Yet another metal staircase leads to a room with microfiche readers and more computers with a small bathroom on the side. A large door at the end reveals the next service tunnel which is fairly short and ends in a computer room with a Satellite Uplink terminal. Stairs guarded by an automated turret lead to the building's other exit to the Capital Wasteland, up a cliff north of Rockland car tunnel.

Notable loot

  • There is a beta version of the Tesla cannon outside the complex.

Related quests


  • The area has its own world map.
  • As soon as you exit the Rockland car tunnel you will get the Vault 101 emergency frequency if you head south-southeast (where Liberty Prime is standing). If you have completed Trouble on the Homefront, the radio station may be played, but it will be silent.


The satellite relay station appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


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