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Boulder, referred to as Stone City or Dome City, is one of the most prominent pre-War research centers, and is still a scientific haven in 2253.



Boulder Dome 2.jpg
Boulder Dome concept art
博尔德是战前多数尖端科技的发源地,科罗拉多大学、IBM 和鲍尔航天公司都坐落在这座城市里,有丹佛的工业支持和政府军队在岩石山军火库坐镇,博尔德的科学家们研究出了自动医生最主要的治疗物资——生化医疗胶,还有各种替代能源、机器人和动力裝甲原型。但岩石山军火库出现化学泄漏污染事件导致丹佛和博尔德市民死伤惨重,博尔德市决定开始建造一座可维持自运转的拱顶研究基地,这座完全可以自给自足的“未来之城”科技将要运用在太空探索和外星球人类移居上。
美国中国战争打响后,美国吞并了加拿大,博尔德市的政治活动也多了起来,无法专心从事研究的科学家就对这里的武装势力提出了质疑,事态进一步发展到科学家们家人朋友公开反对政府,唯一得来的结果也只是遭到镇压。人心惶惶之际,丹佛的生化武器泄漏事件更让事态雪上加霜,科学家们担心丹佛被感染的人群会逃离到博尔德,所以大多数人都向北迁移;直到核弹落下,Cheyenne Mountain (a military facility, home of NORAD) was a primary target. A huge section of Rocky Mountain became a great radioactive smoking crater.丹佛、博尔德都是遭到轰炸的重灾区,变成一片死城。


VB DD03 map Boulder flowchart.jpg
Post-War area layout
All along the front range of the Rocky Mountains, city after city was cratered from the nuclear weapons; it seems China really wanted Colorado out of the picture. Boulder was no exception, the surface city turned into an ashen wasteland. Only a few buildings were left standing in town. Yet, atop its little hill, the massive Boulder Dome still stands strong.

Outside, Jackals roam around the city, preying on animals and humans alike. Glowing ghouls also inhabit the area, having come from Denver in search of supplies. Inside, with post-war dangers lurking everywhere, the scientists use the Dome as their sanctuary, quarantined until they find a cure for the plague. It's not like they have a choice to abandon the Dome anyway; after all, ZAX超级计算机的存储空间严重不足,它就是整个研究基地维持自运转的最重要核心。

The scientists


Boulder was going to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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