The South Boston military checkpoint is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


这里的广播仍然在重复播放着战前的紧急通告,呼叫着所有South Boston士兵来这里。As of 2287,枪手一直把这个地方作为据点之一, with an unnamed Gunner commander in charge of it。


The check point is located directly west of the Castle and past the bridge just outside of the South Boston area. It consists of two structures, the main building guarded by two Gunners and a trailer where a single Gunner is often found resting. There are also various car wrecks in the area.

In the main building there is a Master-locked safe with plenty of ammo as well as several other containers. Two beds and a weapons workbench are also available in this building. On the western side of the building, there is a cage that can be opened with a nearby Expert-locked terminal. The cage contains a power armor station, a full set of power armor and a Mini Nuke. On top of the building lies a skeleton, next to a leveled combat sniper rifle.

The trailer houses a sleeping bag and a mattress, and interestingly a Fat Man is stored there.


  • 槍彈世界第七期 - 在檢查站建築內部桌上
  • 胖子發射器 - Found inside the trailer.
  • 等級化動力裝甲 - 在檢查站外頭的鎖籠裡。打開籠子需要駭進一旁專家難度的終端。
  • One mini nuke - Inside the locked cage behind the power armor.
  • Two fusion cores - One near the elevator to the highway, the other is pre-installed in the power armor suit.
  • Creation Club Chinese stealth armor - In a trunk.

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  • The power armor frame here yields a full suit of leveled power armor that maxes out at X-01 Mk I at level 28, quite in contrast to other full X-01 sets that reach a maximum tier of Mk III at level 47.
  • The items (including the Fat Man) respawn faster than the Gunners do.
  • Several companions have quotes when entering the checkpoint area:
    • Nick states that the repeating message was there "as long as [he] knows," and that "This must be the reason everyone's crazy inside."
    • Hancock states with a level of stress in his voice, that "There must be a way to turn it off!"
    • Cait and Preston Garvey similarly mention a need to turn off the transmitter.
    • Piper sarcastically says "Ugh! Yes! We hear you." as the transmitter repeats.
    • Curie says, "I wonder if the warning will ever end."


The South Boston military checkpoint only appears in Fallout 4.