医疗是在辐射3中取代了辐射辐射2以及辐射战略版中的急救医疗的技能。This skill was called Medic in Van Buren, the cancelled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.




The Bobblehead - Medicine permanently increases your Medicine skill by 10 points. Items such as The Surgeon's Lab Coat or Winterized Medic Armor can temporarily raise it. You can read D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine to raise Medicine skill as well.

Medicine-based Perks

Perk Required Level Additional Requirements
Chemist 60 14
Cyborg 60 14 Science 60
Chem Resistant 60 16


  • 30 Medicine is required to properly examine the bodies of the West family for the Blood Ties quest in Arefu.
  • 40 Medicine is required to revive Timebomb in Bigtown, which is the only way to get his Lucky 8 Ball.
  • 50 Medicine is required to help a slave in The Mill inside The Pitt, although there is no reward for doing so.
  • 60 Medicine is required to revive Reilly in the Chop Shop in Underworld, which is one of two ways to revive her and start the Reilly's Rangers (quest).
    • The alternative way to revive Reilly is by passing a speech check with Doctor Barrows. The dialog will be available only after examining Reilly first.


In certain cases having an average-high Medicine skill can give you extra dialog option, such as talking to Doc Church of Megaton or speaking to Reilly of Reilly's Rangers after you resurrect her from her coma, saying she should relax for her health's best interest.