關於Raul, the Enclave mechanic in Fallout 2,參見Raul (Fallout 2)

Sure, boss, the old man will crawl around in the dirt to keep hidden.

Raul Alfonso Tejada is a Mexican ghoul mechanic and gunslinger living in the prison building at the top of Black Mountain in 2281.


生於2047年,勞爾是一個有很長故事的屍鬼。前,勞爾曾經是墨西哥Hidalgo Ranch的一名罪犯。他曾是一名優秀的射手和技工,這兩項技術有時依然給他帶來法律上的麻煩。During the war, the ranch he lived on was spared from atomic destruction due to being located in a remote area. Raul also witnessed Mr. House's missile defense system protecting most of Las Vegas from an impressive amount of distance. Soon, the ranch was beset by refugees seeking food and shelter. 特哈達家族被流竄難民擠走生存空間,Raul's father was forced to turn down any more unfortunates seeking help, due to their resources becoming scarce.

在那個當下,勞爾和他老爸必須從剩下的難民手中逃脫,而且他們的房子當天晚上就被2打暴民燒掉了,barring the doors from the outside to prevent any escape 。Raul awoke to the smell of smoke 並成功救出了一個姐妹,Rafaela, receiving burns across his body in the process. 其餘的家庭成員,包括他的父母、祖母、2個兄弟和2個姐妹都死於大火。As they escaped, a few of the men pursued them. Raul killed the pursuers, and left the rest to live, since he did not want to throw away his life in revenge; he still had a sister to take care of.

他們逃到了墨西哥城的廢墟開始了一段新生活,amidst the large number of looters in the city. They both scraped by as scavengers, constantly looking for food, and medicine to treat Raul's burns. The intense radiation of their surroundings soon started affecting Raul, commencing the first stages of his ghoulification. 一天,在四處搜尋中,他從時裝店裡找到了一件保存良好的牛仔外套。當勞爾穿著牛仔外套回去找Rafaela時,這是自核彈落下以來她第一次笑出聲來。剎那間,勞爾成為一個傳奇,his sharp eye and top-notch gunslinging always meant the end for glory seekers who were looking to prove themselves. Even though this kept Raul and his sister safe from trouble, it always created more。

勞爾因為屍鬼化的癥狀而沒能同他姐妹一起外出。As such, she was left to provide for the two on her own. 有一天當他的姐妹外出搜索沒回來時,Raul noticed raiders nearby, fearing the worst他衝出去找到的只有她被一群強盜殘忍地殺害的事實,她的屍體被毀壞嚴重到只能通過她膝蓋上的一塊疤來辨認。Fuelled by anger,隨後他就追蹤到了強盜營地並殺光了他們所有人為她復仇。He salvaged what was left of the raider gang's possessions and left Mexico City, now the lone survivor of his family.

Raul concept art

Leaving every aspect of his former life behind, including, as Raul says, his "face," he wandered to the Gulf Coast and inhabited an unclaimed Petró-Chico refinery. There, he spent a long time thinking about his life. 他認為她姐妹的死是他的原因,他discarded his guns and脫去了牛仔外套,換上了一件Petro-Chico連衣褲以及一個新名字"Miguel"; the name found on the jumpsuit's nametag.

Bearing a new identity, he eventually arrived in the Arizona town of Tucson, now known as Two Sun. He settled there, becoming a mechanic and a general handyman, his guns stashed away where they could do no further harm, although he still kept them oiled out of professional pride. After seventy-five years of relative peace, he met Claudia; a prostitute working in a local brothel who bore a striking resemblance to Rafaela. Spurred by this reminder of what he lost, he took the time to look out for her, though for obvious reasons never visited her.

This peace was not to last. Arizona was overrun with raiders and tribals before the rise of Caesar's Legion brought stability to that region; the conditions brought "Dirty Dave" and his six brothers to town looking for ammunition. Raul sold it to them, hoping they would leave now that they had what they wanted. Instead, they decided to take their edge off in the brothel. They massacred the place and took Claudia as a prisoner when they left. Enraged, Raul pursued the gang. They had a head-start, and slept nights; Raul didn't. After three days of continuous pursuit, he finally caught up with them. By the time he found Claudia, she was already dead. This ignited a familiar feeling in Raul; the vengefulness he'd felt at Rafaela's death. In a state of fury, Raul charged head-on into the middle of the camp, and kept shooting his guns until Dirty Dave and his gang were all dead. Youth wasn't on his side anymore; the battle left Raul severely injured and nearly lifeless. After days of gathering his energy to carry his injured body, Raul returned back to town.

Dejected, Raul has wandered west to the Mojave Wasteland. He swore to himself that he was done with the gunslinging life, since he is starting to feel his age. While there, he stumbled upon the signal of the Black Mountain Radio, and started listening to it to pass time. One day, he lost the signal being transmitted and decided to have a look. He ended up meeting a nightkin named Tabitha, the radio's broadcaster and supreme ruler of Black Mountain. Raul fulfilled his purpose and fixed the radio's transmitter, but much to his dismay, Tabitha decided to keep him; after all, he couldn't disagree with a super mutant twice his size. Raul was then turned into Black Mountain's handyman, fixing toasters and things the super mutants wanted fixed. He has also been tasked with the repair of Rhonda, Tabitha's robot and best friend, in which he has been unsuccessful. To guarantee his cooperation, Raul is imprisoned in a building near the mountain's broadcast station to which he later claims he was held against his will for years. 在被從監獄解放之後,他會加入信使的隊伍作為感謝。嘗試一段新的冒險提醒著勞爾他不堪回首的過往,鼓動他思考是否應該接受過去的槍手之路。 In this case, he will be forced to decide between two different ways of life.

When compared to the other human companions of the Wasteland, Raul is perhaps the most tolerant towards the Legion when compared to everyone else who would suffer under their rule. He is not affected by the Legion's presence in the wasteland and admires the security and order they bring, although he wouldn't be able to join them due to their hatred towards all forms of mutants. He also has quite an insightful amount of knowledge about Mr. House, as Raul has lived long enough to remember his pre-War exploits.



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此角色是一位永久的同伴。 他们给予Regular Maintenance
Full Maintenance
Old Vaquero
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此角色可以修理物品 修理 瓶盖: 100


  • Crazy, Crazy, Crazy: Raul can be recruited as part of the quest, or simply by traveling to Black Mountain and busting him out.
  • Old School Ghoul: While Raul is an active companion, talk to and exhaust all dialogue options for Loyal, Corporal Sterling, and Ranger Andy. Upon finishing the last conversation, Raul will open up a new dialogue with the Courier. Note that killing any of the non-player characters will cause the mission to fail, resulting in Raul's new apparel to be unobtainable, except through console commands.


  • He is a very competent repairman, 不過只會在他的小棚屋提供服務,而且不提供折扣。He must first be dismissed as a companion ("for the best") before repairs can be done.
  • Raul will comment on, and eat, anything sweet put in his inventory, like Sunset Sarsaparilla.
  • He has unique idle dialogue for locations around the Mojave;
Raul Tejada's comments
Location Comment
Camp Forlorn Hope Eesh. These soldiers look how I feel, boss.
Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters, Festus It's like looking into a mirror. A tacky, cowboy-festooned mirror.
Hoover Dam I can't believe I'm about to do this, boss. If I buy it out there, I want twelve mariachi bands playing at my funeral. A medal might be nice, too.
Jacobstown Just putting this out there, boss: 如果這些超級變種人綁架了我們而且強迫我們修理烤麵包機, it's on you.
REPCONN test site Hey, I'm one of you! Don't eat me, eat the smoothskin! Oh, uh, sorry boss.
Camp Searchlight I guess hunting down ghouls like wild animals is okay. I mean, they're probably going to die anyways, right boss?


# 幻灯片 画外音旁白 游戏中的条件
Raul end slide 01.png
在经历了漫长而多事的一生后,劳尔的好运气终于在他和信使在一起的时候用完了。 劳尔死亡。 (将覆盖所有其他结局)
Raul end slide 01.png
面对晚年,劳尔仍然在自我怀疑中挣扎,他一直无法平静下来。最终,他离开了莫哈韦,换了个新名字,就像他以前做过很多次那样。 释放劳尔或把他作为同伴,不要完成他的个人任务守旧派尸鬼
Raul end slide 01.png
与信使一起旅行使劳尔精神振奋,他再次拿起枪来纪念他失去的拉斐拉。不久之后,莫哈韦就充满了尸鬼牧人的传说,猎杀那些捕猎弱者的人。 让劳尔成为同伴,并通过说服他再次成为一名牧人来完成他的个人任务——守旧派尸鬼。
Raul end slide 01.png
劳尔相信他的枪手时代已经过去,他接受了变老的想法。在跟随信使旅行了一段时间后,他退休了,定居在维加斯外围,在那里他每天修理古老的机器。 让劳尔成为同伴,并通过同意他作为枪手的时代已经过去来完成他的个人任务,守旧派尸鬼。


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Petró-Chico outfit Raul's .44 Magnum revolver
Raul's lead pipe
- -


  • 就像Desmond Lockheart, 勞爾有著倖免於殭屍化的小鬍子。
  • 杰森·布莱特迪安·多米诺, the Chinese remnants, and (potentially) Moira Brown一样,劳尔的声音听着不那么刺耳和沙哑,a trait rare among ghouls.
  • Raul is exceedingly difficult to pickpocket, even with the aid of a Stealth Boy.
  • Raul is the only non-faction non-player character in the game who can repair items up to 100%.
  • 付给劳尔修东西的钱,在劳尔变成你的队友后,这些钱都会消失。
  • Before recruiting him as a companion, Raul will repair items for a fee in his prison room. After recruiting him and asking him for repairs, Raul will wisecrack and recommend asking him at his shack. As long as he is dismissed as a companion to his shack, he will be able to make repairs.
  • To free Raul without having to pick any locks, read entry 6 on the non-locked terminal in the same building he is imprisoned in to receive the password (123456789) for the locked terminal next to his prison door. This will let you disengage the lock without having to hack the locked terminal or lockpicking the door (which requires a Lockpick skill of 100).
  • When asked what skills he has to offer, Raul claims that his primary value is being a "walking encyclopedia," but he rarely has anything insightful to say. Most of his banter consist of ridiculing the Courier's choices through sarcastic praise and insincere enthusiasm.
  • 給他甜食或者夕陽沙士(包括受輻射污染的)會導致你下次和他對話時啟動一個特殊對話:
    • "You're going to rot my teeth, boss. What's left of them anyways."
    • "你怎么知道我喜欢甜食,老大?"
    • "嗯...夕阳沙士,我这又老又干的嗓子正需要这个。"
  • 很多时候,你让劳尔做某些特定的事时,他都有很多有趣的评论:
    • 如果你讓他穿重型甲,他會評論說:「穿這個對我不怎麼好」或者「呃!老大,你讓我的膝蓋破得更快了」
    • 如果你让他潜行,he will makes various remarks about how this won't go well. Primarily, he'll retort:“我这吱吱嘎嘎的膝盖会把咱暴露的,老大。”If convinced to take up his gun-slinging ways, he'll sarcastically comment on how well a ghoul vaquero will blend in with the scenery.
    • 如果你让他靠近一點,他会说:“老大,再离你近一点你就需要来点輻特宁了。Only glowing ones irradiate their surroundings, so this is just his sense of humor.
    • 如果他在战斗中受了重伤,他会说:“老大,现在我的枪伤比我的关节炎还严重了!”以及“老大,我的下巴还在吗?Good, can I get some help to keep it that way?”
  • 如果劳尔是你的队友,废土中许多人都会对他指指点点:
    • 大部分人会说:“你的朋友闻起来像一坨烂肉”或“你的朋友是个丑B!”
    • 3号避难所恶魔帮会说:“你的朋友闻起来跟屎一樣”,与恶魔帮交战时他们会说:“把你养的那头尸鬼从我身边拿开!”
    • 罪惡城大堂经理会对他彬彬有礼,確保劳尔可以在这have a good time即使他是尸鬼。
    • 罪惡城门口跳舞的妓女有时会说:“我以前从来没服务过一个尸鬼,我应该留着他给我的小费吗?”留着小费是一个外国的黃腔段子:一个麻风病人找了个小姐,小姐给他服务的时候他身上的一小块皮脱落了,他跟小姐说:“小费你拿着吧”
    • 大炮族会说:“我以前从来没近距离见过尸鬼,挺好奇的,现在后悔了。”
    • Brotherhood of Steel members will say "Oh good, now I have to put up with the stench of rotting ghoul as well. I hope the air filters are working."
  • 带劳尔去不同的地方,他也会有不同的有趣评论:
    • When brought into the NCR Embassy at the Strip, an MP will randomly approach you just to comment on Raul (more specifically, to the presence of ghouls on the Strip).
    • 如果跟劳尔一起去瑞普康試驗場,遇到狂暴尸鬼攻击时,劳尔会朝尸鬼大喊:“嘿哥们!我跟你们是一类的!不要吃我,吃我旁边那个光滑皮肤!(战斗结束后)额..嗯...不好意思老大。”
    • 第一次带劳尔去雅各布镇的时候,劳尔见到了那些变种人会说:“老大,如果我们被抓,被逼着帮他们修烤面包机,那我就全赖你。”referencing his time at Black Mountain.
  • 如果你在解决黑山Tabitha问题之前就把劳尔带走了,那么黑山电台里Tabitha会一直重复:“我不会让你带走我的劳尔!”而且不会再放音乐了。She will then appear outside the prison building and attack with a few other Nightkin.
    • If the Courier deals with Tabitha and frees Raul but does not recruit him, he will take note of the Black Mountain radio silence and asks if he can leave.
  • 如果玩家一直问劳尔,你到底是谁,那么劳尔会反问玩家你以前是不是被爆过头,记忆力这么差。
  • If asked why his jumpsuit says Miguel, he will simply state: "I don't know; probably because it used to be Miguel's."
  • 劳尔与辐射2里的伊克很像,都精通修理,之前都被俘虏,并且都称呼玩家为老大。
  • Raul has various sarcastic quips when the Courier is vilified by different factions such as the NCR, Caesar's Legion, and the Brotherhood of Steel.
    • A Courier with low Intelligence will end up taking Raul's sarcasm literally.
  • Despite his sarcasm, it appears that Raul enjoys the Courier's company, judging by his response when dismissed.
  • While 英语版本的FNV does not make a big deal of his accent other than his correctly pronouncing Spanish words and names,在西班牙语、法语、德语、意大利语版本的FNV里,劳尔说话都带有浓重的墨西哥口音。
  • Also, in the Italian version, Raul speaks hoarsely, like almost all the other ghouls.
  • 劳尔是邮差同伴里唯一一个对凯撒军团有正面印象的同伴。
  • 2281年的时候,劳尔已经234岁了。
  • Despite having Science as a TAG skill, Raul never shows any notable computer based abilities. This is especially visible during Crazy, Crazy, Crazy when if asked about Rhonda, Raul states he easily repaired the mechanical issues but was unable to correct the programming problems.

Notable quotes

  • "I'm an open book, boss. Granted, the book's in Spanish and some of the pages have fallen out, but I'm an open book."
  • "My name is Raul Alfonso Tejada. Can I leave now? Or did you want to ask me again in five minutes?"
  • "<Sigh.> No. No, boss, I'm, a prisoner of the crazy Super Mutant with the wig and the glasses. I was kind of hoping you were here to set me free. But maybe I'm not a pretty enough damsel for that, huh?"
  • "Sure, boss. I'd be happy to prolong my captivity and psychological abuse to tighten some lug nuts for you."
  • "Sure, boss, the old man will crawl around in the dirt to keep hidden."


Raul Tejada appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

  • Raul Tejada was written by Travis Stout.
  • His quote about the super mutants asking him to fix toasters is yet another Fallout nod to the strangely useful skill in Wasteland, "Toaster Repair."
  • Cut content The holodisk Ghoul in trouble, indicating that Raul was being held captive on Black Mountain, was to be given to the player after listening some kind of radio broadcast.


  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When asked to go to the Lucky 38, a notification will pop up saying he has gone there. When you go looking for him in the Lucky 38 later, he's nowhere to be found. It turns out that he stays at the last location you asked him to leave. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Unlike other companions, Raul won't walk around while in the Lucky 38, merely standing in the main room to the right of the door until spoken to. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png After fast-traveling to a location, Raul will occasionally start running away as quick as he can for no reason, and cannot be interacted with. Loading to a new area or simply waiting for him to turn around will correct this. This also happens with Cass as a companion. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When Raul awakens after being knocked unconscious, he will sometimes claim to have had a nightmare of Petro Chico Boy "stealing his chicharrones (Spanish for pork rinds)", but the subtitles will incorrectly use the word "chitlins" instead of "chicharrones". [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes if the player speaks to him in the Lucky 38 presidential suite, a generic Great Khan will spawn. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png By pressing "Take All" when pickpocketing Raul, the caps will still appear in the player's inventory despite being caught. To repeat this again, take him outside of his shack and dismiss him as a companion. This means you can get infinite free repairs. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When leaving a casino, if Raul is given a weapon, the weapon's weight will be present, but no item can be seen. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png His voice will change if given a stimpak. [已验证]