A few bark scorpions, radscorpions and the occasional feral ghoul may be here as well.


  • 破房子的地面上有2個日落沙士星星瓶蓋,旁邊有幾個空沙士瓶。其中一個瓶蓋可能會「穿地」。


  • In the playground area overlooking the drive-in, there's a campfire with a copy of Lad's Life beside it and a copy of True Police Stories laying on top of one of the picnic tables.
  • 西北方向,在去山谷殘骸的半路,有輛翻倒的拖車。裡面有不少破片手雷。
  • West-southwest of this location, there is a small camp with a campfire fueled by a destroyed motorcycle.
    • The motorcycle camp is actually a scripted event. The red safety cone covers a frag mine, and a coyote is scripted to walk down the hill to the right (north) and enter the camp, blowing up and scattering the items.
  • Inside the drive-in are numerous bent tin cans. Three are lined up on a car, but when the Courier tries to shoot them, they will not fall. It appears the car and the tin cans have glitched together, making the cans invincible against bullets. However, the tin cans are still available for picking up.
  • Some players have reported odd horror movie-like music when entering the playground just north of the drive-in for the first time. It has been rumored to be an easter egg, however, there is no official information to verify whether this is an actual easter egg or not.verification overdue, remove



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