直到玩家抵達發現警察局將會觸發鋼鐵兄弟會系列的火力支援任務,玩家必須協助士兵抵擋大約3~4波的屍鬼衝擊直到任務顯示完成。協助抵擋攻擊直到結束後玩家可以跟Paladin Danse說話,並了解什麼是鋼鐵兄弟會以及為何出現在這裡。如果玩家接受繼續幫忙的話,將會觸發號召武裝並且玩家可以正常進出劍橋警察局。 Upon entering, one will find out that the station is mostly in ruins. After the Prydwen arrives, the station receives reinforcements and will be refitted into an official outpost. It is the largest BoS outpost in the Commonwealth apart from the Boston Airport where the Prydwen is stationed.



Heading south from College Square, one will see the entrance to the station on their right, with a makeshift barriace set up. Going through the closest entrance in the barricade then turning right before the steps up the entrance, one will see an ammunition box and 2 boxes of .38 rounds. There is also a gate to the western side of the building, leading back out.

If one turns to the east they will see a stairway to the external barricades gantry. On the gantry the body of Knight Keane and a feral ghoul can be found, along with two ammunition boxes and a first aid kit. Taking the eastern most entrance out and turning left leads to the motorpool, which can only be opened from inside the station.

First floor

Upon entering through the main entrance, there is a short stairway leading up to the station's reception. Immediately infront is the stations reception desk, on the left hand side is a box of .45 rounds and two fusion cells. To the east of the room is the Gladius personnel terminal. Three sleeping bags, one for each surviving member of the Gladius squad, are laying on the floor and can be used by the Sole Survivor.

Looking to the north of the reception area there are two door ways, the one to the left leads up the stairs to the rooftop and the one to the right leads into a small room with Scribe Haylen's personal log on the table to the right of the doorway and a couch against the wall, directly opposite the doorway. Once the Brotherhood of Steel's main forces have arrived, this room will be converted into a barracks with several beds by the northern wall and a chemistry station where the couch originally was placed.

Taking the southern door out of the reception area leads into the office area. Turning to the east and passing the filing cabinets, one can see two small rooms, a bathroom to the left and small office to the right. In the office a desk sits in the center of the room with several shelves behind it, on the northern wall is a bank of filing cabinets and an Expert locked safe.

Returning back to the office area there is a cooler in the southwest corner, tucked behind a desk. Immediately to the north from the cooler there is a door leading around to behind the recpetion, where a caps stash can be found on the farthest shelf under the desk.

Passing through the western door out of the office area leads into a corridor. On the northern wall is the entrance to the cells. In the central cell is a skeleton with a bobby pin box. On the western wall is a first aid kit and to the left of the box is a small supply closet, containing a several junk items.

Returning to the corridor the interview room is immediately on the right, continuing on is the evidence room, containing more junk items and the Novice locked evidence terminal. Passing through the door at the south of the corridor leads to the stairwell down to the motor pool.

Motor pool

Inside the motorpool a power armor station is mounted against the backwall on the west side. On the eastern wall is set of shelves and cabinets, as well as a weapons workbench. A caps stash can be found on the wall mounted cabinet by the door and on the shelves next to them two ammunition boxes and a box of shotgun shells. The switch for the motor pool door can be found to the left of the door itself. Once outside, there is a nearby cooking station.


Upon leaving the building via the rooftop, there is a fence directly infront of the Sole Survivor. Moving slightly to the right and following the fence will lead to a short set of steps down to the helipad, which will have a Vertibird waiting on it after the Brotherhood of Steel's main forces arrive in the Commonwealth.

Returning back to the door and facing east, one can see the satellite post with a Brotherhood of Steel flag attached and a collapsed outbuilding to the north of this. Passing between the rooftop access and the collapsed outbuilding one can see another rooftop with a fire escape installed on the opposite end. Jumping to this rooftop will allow one to utilise the escape to return to ground level.


  • 槍彈世界第6期 - 只有在完成任務重逢才會出現。在局長辦公室的專家難度保險箱內,也可以駭進終端解鎖。Alternatively, a key on the foyer desk can unlock the safe.If the player character has looted this safe before the BoS reinforcements arrive, the safe will be locked and filled again as though it had never been looted.
  • 溫特末日行動 - 在證據室(有著一個掛在鏈上的燈)裡的金屬架子上。
  • 海倫學士個人紀錄 - 進警察局內右轉直走,它就躺在右邊小圓桌上。
  • 劍橋警察局鑰匙 - 在聖騎士丹斯身上,只有在他結束屍鬼的戰鬥到他進入警局前被殺才能拿到。
  • Cambridge Police Station safe key - Taken from Scribe Haylen's corpse during Precipice of War.
  • Mini nuke - On top of a silver crate, just west of the helipad on the roof, after the completion of Shadow of Steel.


  • 聖騎士丹斯
  • 海倫學士
  • 里斯騎士
  • 基恩騎士(陣亡)
  • 沃維克騎士(陣亡)
  • 布雷契騎士(陣亡)
  • 小隊長達爾斯騎士(陣亡)



It is possible to gain access to the interior of the police station prior to completing the "Assist the Soldiers" segment of the quest Fire Support by ordering a companion to "Inspect" the garage door control while viewing it through the broken window on the southeast wall of the garage.


The Cambridge Police Station appears only in Fallout 4.





  1. Operation Winter's End