The Foundation Outpost is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It is situated east of Foundation and south of Huntersville. It was first added to the game with the Test Your Metal update.


This outpost was an attempt by the Settlers to create a new settlement outside of Foundation, with the effort being led by Kenneth Dean. They started to construct wooden buildings across from a radioactive crater, in which they placed a rad scrubber to mitigate the radiation with the help of some technically-proficient settlers.[1] While building the outpost, their supplies began to run thin, leading Kenneth to request more from Foundation. However, the crew became anxious over sightings of large shadows and figures running through the trees, stalking them. These sightings turned to loud noises that disturbed them through the night. Although construction of the outpost steadily continued, Kenneth and his people were put on edge by the disturbances. Finally, on June 26, Kenneth spotted what appeared to be some brutish figure rummaging through their equipment and scouting the area.[2]

Kenneth made a plan to assemble his crew and investigate more thoroughly, and hopefully run out whatever it was out of their camp. However, three days later, the figures revealed themselves to be super mutants, who assaulted the outpost. As it was still under construction, their defenses were in poor shape. The settlers were all killed by the attacking mutants, with Kenneth hoping that one day someone would fight back against the mutants with more success than they had.[2]


The Foundation Outpost consists of two areas: the outpost itself with the settlers' construction work, and the nearby crater. It was still under construction when super mutants attacked, meaning several supplies and construction items are left littered about.

The outpost has two main buildings, both of which have two stories. The one to the northwest, near the settlement's entrance, is built over the ruins of an old brick building with an added wooden second level. The other is part of an interconnected complex with a central building. The walkways from the central building connect to two overlook areas. The first is barren save for the corpse of Ruggy. The southeastern area has several picnic tables and crafting benches, including an armor workbench, a power armor station and a weapons workbench. A watch tower is situated south of the overlook, and is the site of Kenneth Dean's corpse.

The crater is a disparate area featuring several wooden shacks and fortifications creating a circle around the central feature of the area: a platform with the rad scrubber, some machinery and a windmill. Ruined buildings can be found in the crater as well, though there is very little to loot overall. The radiation at the crater is typically at a slow +1/s thanks to the rad scrubber, though during Event: Eviction Notice, if the rad scrubber is destroyed, the rads can peak to a staggering +120/s. A crashed Vertibird can be found outside of the crater.


  • 肯尼斯·汀恩 Dead
  • 拉吉 Dead
  • Marilyn Dead
  • Samuel Hackerman Dead
  • Tom Dead


  • 肯尼斯的日記 - 在肯尼斯的屍體上。
  • 大坑洞觀察 - 有兩份紙條:
    • 觀察1在拉吉屍體上。
    • 觀察2在中央的木屋裡,一樓桌上。
  • Potential magazine - In a lawn chair at the overlook with the crafting benches.


The Foundation Outpost was built over the previous unmarked location of the South Mountain nuke crater.


The Foundation Outpost appears only Template:In FO76



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