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Foundation (known as 史普魯斯圓丘 before patch is a location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2103, and is the headquarters of the Settlers. It is built on the former location of Spruce Knob.


A fortified settlement built on the site of a pre-War tourist attraction, Foundation is the main base of the Settlers. Originally settled by members of a Construction Workers Union in Washington, D.C., they came to Appalachia under the leadership of Paige, in the hope that it would offer some reprieve from the horrors of the Capital Wasteland. Upon their arrival, and subsequent discovery of Spruce Knob, they repurposed the existing buildings, cleared the surrounding trees and Foundation was formed.


Foundation contains several buildings, including a barracks, boarding house, and a variety of stores ran by the Sunnys. There are two instanced interior locations - Founder's Hall and Foundation supply room. Fast traveling to Foundation will spawn the player south of the settlement, on the road leading to the main gate. When Minerva visits Foundation, her tent will be placed along the eastern side of the main road, between the main gate and the fast travel destination.


  • 奧布利
  • 戴維·泰勒
  • 德瑞克·泰勒
  • 艾爾西·泰勒
  • 葛羅莉亞·錢斯 Steel Dawn
  • 念真
  • 拉奇二等兵 (可選)
  • 瑪姬·威廉斯 The Legendary Run
  • 麥克·提勒 (可選) Steel Dawn
  • 摩楚探員 (可選)
  • Oliver菲爾茲上尉 (可選)
  • 佩吉
  • 潘尼洛普·宏恩萊特 (可選)
  • 重新校準的解放者 (可選)
  • 雷德克里夫中士 (可選)
  • 山繆
  • 泰德·錢斯 Steel Dawn
  • 湯普森中士 (可選)
  • 移民搜刮者
  • 瓦德
  • 凱西·哈洛威
  • 洛可 (從前)


  • 心情不佳的筆記 - 在史普魯斯圓丘東邊,怪胎秀西南邊,單軌列車電梯西北邊有一個垂直飛行機墜落的大巨坑,坑的邊緣地上有一個桌子和生化防護衣,筆記在桌子上。


  • 老護衛,第14集:第2章 - 最靠南邊的宿舍內。
  • 念珍的字條 - 有兩份同名字條
    • 一份為無形牽絆任務獎勵。
    • 一份為完成秘密揭曉任務後,做出金錠分配的特定選擇後出現。
  • 念真的日記,紀錄1 - 念真房間桌上,完成秘密揭曉任務後摩楚探員還活著會出現。
  • Jen's goodbye - 完成閃閃發亮任務後摩楚探員沒活下來會出現。
  • 佩吉的日記,紀錄1 - 在佩吉辦公區域的小房間辦公桌上。
  • 佩吉的日記,紀錄2 - 同上,小房間門口旁邊檯子上,旁邊有個紙箱。完成商業機密任務後出現。
  • 佩吉的日記,紀錄3 - 同上,小房間窗外的小桌子上。完成無形牽絆任務後出現。
  • 佩吉的日記,紀錄4 - 同上,化學工作檯附近的白色控制台上。完成任務在身任務後出現。
  • 佩吉的日記,紀錄5 - 同上,在周圍擺了很多椅子的桌上. 完成秘密揭曉任務後出現。


  • 弄到你要的東西了 - 南角落桌上。
  • 即將抵達的貨 - 裡面有鐵絲網的房間文件櫃上。


  • 奧布利的紙條 - Note, on a table in Aubrie's clinic, east of where Paige is usually found
  • 艾爾西的故事 - Note, in the Taylors' home, on a kitchen counter.
  • 瓦德的日記 - Note, in the medical office pod across from the power armor stations.
  • As of patch, yao guai and Scorched no longer spawn in the settlement.
  • As of patch, fast traveling to Foundation is free of charge.


Foundation appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. It was built on the former location of Spruce Knob.




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