A few months before we met, I bumped into a guy named Sinclair who claimed his buddy caught some kind of disease. I thought he was wasting my time until he said his partner broke out in blue boils. They dug up information about a cure at a place called Med-Tek Research. They even managed to grab the building's lockdown security codes. Unfortunately, Sinclair's buddy died before they were able to break into the facility. I mean, there's no way that's a coincidence, right? Med-Tek has to be the place.Robert Joseph MacCready

Long Road Ahead is a companion quest in Fallout 4.


  1. 增加羅伯特·約瑟夫·麥奎迪的認同度。
  2. 與麥奎迪交談承接任務。
  3. 帶麥奎迪到麻州公路交流道
  4. 殺死溫洛克巴恩斯
  5. 與麥奎迪交談。
  6. 繼續與麥奎迪旅行。
  7. 與麥奎迪的關係指數達到750之後交談。
  8. 帶麥奎迪到邁科藥研
  9. 找到執行終端。
  10. Override the containment lockdown.
  11. 前往邁科藥研次層。
  12. 拿到解藥。
  13. 與麥奎迪交談。
  14. 將解藥帶到芳鄰鎮黛西



到達麻州公路交流道時,溫洛克和巴恩斯都會在上頭的交流道上,因此需要找到附近的一個升降機; 通過快速旅行可以找到交流道以北的一台,節省時間。 交流道的火力非常大,有10-15名普通槍手,一名指揮官和一名突襲者。 他們中的任何一個也可能在更高級別使用一套T-60動力裝甲。 在溫洛克和巴恩斯被殺之後,麥奎迪會向唯一倖存者表示放心,看到這兩位因他離開槍手而騷擾他的傢伙被殺,並歸還了僅存者當初僱用他的瓶蓋。

在與麥奎迪的關係指數達到750之後,任務的第二部分才會開始。 麥奎迪將再次與唯一倖存者交談並說出他的兒子鄧肯,以及他是如何患有可能致其命的疾病。 然後他請求唯一倖存者前往邁科藥研,在那裡尋找解藥,並且他有containment override密碼。 在那裡,解藥位於較底層的地方,這需要到達設施頂層的執行終端以 override the containment。 這裡的敵人相當弱,只有狂屍鬼(包括一個發光種)散佈在裏頭。

在最底層找到解藥後,麥奎迪接著告訴唯一倖存者將解藥帶到芳鄰鎮黛西,她會把它交給離開聯邦的商隊。 在給予黛西解藥後,任務完成(麥奎迪的關係度上限會鎖在999,直到此任務的邁科藥研部分完成)。

Quest stages

60 Travel to the Mass Pike InterchangeMacCready has asked me to travel to the Mass Pike Interchange to hunt down and kill Winlock and Barnes, the two Gunners that were threatening him in Goodneighbor.
80 Kill Winlock and BarnesI've arrived at the Mass Pike Interchange to hunt down and kill Winlock and Barnes, the two Gunners that were threatening MacCready in Goodneighbor.
110 Speak to MacCready
120 Continue Traveling with MacCreadyWinlock and Barnes are both dead. They should no longer pose a threat to MacCready.
130 Bring MacCready to Med-Tek ResearchMacCready confided in me that his son is extremely ill and needs a cure that can only be found within a place called Med-Tek Research. I should bring him there as soon as possible.
140 Enter Med-Tek ResearchMacCready and I have arrived at Med-Tek Research. I should proceed inside and help him locate the cure for his son's disease.
150 Locate the Executive Terminal
160 Override Containment LockdownMacCready has given me the password to the Executive Terminal inside of Med-Tek Research. I should use it to cancel the facility's containment alert.
170 Enter Med-Tek Sub-Level
180 Retrieve cure for MacCready
190 Speak to MacCready
200 Bring cure to Daisy in GoodneighborMacCready and I have recovered the cure from Med-Tek Research. The final step is for both of us to bring it to Daisy in Goodneighbor so she can pass it along to MacCready's son.
255Quest finishedQuest completeMacCready and I have given the cure to Daisy in Goodneighbor. She said she'll have no trouble getting it quickly into MacCready's son's hands.
355Quest failedQuest failed


  • 請記住,有一個用來解鎖聖約村中的終端名為Jacob密碼。 如果在進入邁科藥研時,玩家的物品欄有這項東西,麥奎迪可能不會給玩家頂層的執行終端的密碼,要等到他抵達終端處。
  • It is possible for MacCready to never give the password, if he's occupied/separated from the player when first reaching the terminal. This can be caused by MacCready falling through the hole in the floor to the lower level. To prevent this, save before heading near the executive room, and make sure to complete the fight without becoming separated from MacCready. Going back to the terminal later with MacCready will not result in receiving the password if this has occurred.
    • Both issues can be resolved on PC by using the console command player.additem 001965f8 to add the correct password to your inventory.
  • After you enter the sublevels and enter the room full of cells, it may seem impossible to proceed lower at first glance. There is, however, a ramp leading down through the floor in one of the cells (south side).
  • Once he idolizes the Sole Survivor, MacCready will give them a wooden soldier toy as a token of his affection. This item will be automatically added to the Junk category instead of Misc, so care should be taken to not scrap it by accident if the player wishes to keep it.
  • 如果向黛西提交解藥卻只有交易選項時,請確保麥奎迪位於黛西的商店中。麥奎迪在進入芳鄰鎮時會有進入沙盒狀態的傾向。 命令他站在黛西的櫃檯前可以解決此問題。
  • 如果你在開始任務之前拿到了預防藥,可以在進入邁科藥研後,使用控制台輸入player.drop 4e700 1 將它放在麥奎迪前面再撿起來,任務就可以繼續進行下去。


  • Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Winlock may be encountered in an inaccessible area, on top of the upper freeway platform, rendering the mission unable to complete. [已验证]
    • Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Possible Fix: Move south, the player then can access the upper deck by a collapsed structure forming a ramp, and jumping a small gap from girder to girder to finally reach Winlock.
  • Has platform::PCPC Having already cleared Mass Pike Interchange the quest may not start when bringing MacCready there.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Winlock and Barnes may not be hostile to the player at Mass Pike Interchange, even after the player kills all of the other Gunners at that location. Even if the player kills either Winlock or Barnes, the other may not be hostile.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC MacCready will add the location of Med-Tek Research to the player's Pip-Boy. However when selecting 'Show On Map' for the quest objective 'Bring MacCready to Med-Tek Research' the map will not center on the location. There will also be no objective marker to direct the player to the location (this bug will not affect the quest's progression, once the Sole Survivor reaches Med-Tek Research it will progress to the next step of the quest).[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 "Locate the Executive Terminal" will sometimes not update when the player reaches the terminal. Which also means MacCready will not give the player the password. [已验证]
    • Reloading to a previous save may fix this.
    • Another possible fix is to use the console command SetStage COMMacCreadyQuest 160.
  • Has platform::PCPC If the player picked up the Prevent even before making MacCready a companion, the easiest way to fix it is to do SetStage COMMacCreadyQuest 0; the Sole Survivor and MacCready will be partnered up, show him the Prevent, and take it back to Daisy. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC A glowing one inside the room with the Prevent can spawn or walk too close to the terminal and door, prohibiting interaction with the terminal to open the door even though there is an intervening wall - the game will go through the animation of aligning with the terminal and begin to zoom in, then suddenly abort and return player control. There are two possible solutions to this issue.[已验证]
    • Reload from a save prior to entering the sub-level elevator and hope the offending ghoul doesn't trip the bug again.
    • Open the command console, focus on the door, then disable it. After clearing out the ghouls, enable the door and use the terminal to open it as intended to also open the shortcut exit - if the door is still disabled, the open prompt will not appear on the terminal and the shortcut cannot be opened.