前哨站是美軍戰前的一處軍事設施,擔負著將投擲型28型核彈與最新研發的洲際彈道飛彈系統相結合的研究任務。The facility was discovered by the Children of Atom after the Great War, who were able to activate the launch sequence before being massacred by the feral ghoul inhabitants. Although no missile was present on the launch pad, all internal blast doors in the facility were closed and locked, requiring the Sole Survivor to deactivate the sequence in order to gain full access to the facility.





As the Sole Survivor enters the facility, they will find themselves in a rather tall room that looks like a missile silo with some catwalks going through it. In the first control room when you go left after first entering the site, go in, and down the stairs to the right is a Sentinel site blast door override holotape on the teal control panels, it will open the blast doors in the facility. At the bottom of the facility there are three unused nuclear warheads in metal crates and a fourth on a forklift. They will not detonate from gunfire or explosions, but be prepared for a horde of feral ghouls hiding in a tunnel nearby. At the end of the tunnel there is a lift that will take the Sole Survivor to a second exit; not marked on the map. When the lift is called, a leveled glowing one will appear guarding a crate with minor loot.


  • 驚世奇譚第10期 - 從大門進來左轉進到的第一間控制室。青色控制台桌上。
  • 前哨站防爆門手動控制程式 - 同上,只是在另一個桌上。另外兩份可以在防爆門後的終端內找到。
  • Three Vault-Tec lunchboxes can be found here:
    • One in the lower tunnels, inside a hidden tiny room accessible via a hole in the left wall of a large room you pass through.
    • One in the flooded room in the lower levels, behind the nuke on the right hand side (immediately before ending elevator).
    • One under a bunk in a barrack room on the lower levels.
  • 唐里維隊長的全像卡帶 - 在遇到亨利修士的控制室內,青色控制台桌上。只有啟動相關任務才能入內。
  • A mini nuke, found at the end of the lower levels in the room with the Mk. 28 nuclear bombs in a knocked over crate, right next to the objective to place the signal pulser.
  • 亨利的終端機密碼 - 亨利修士身上,可以通過魅力檢測取得,用來解鎖他的終端。
  • 亨利的指令書 - 一樣亨利修士攜帶著,但只有殺了他才能在屍體上找到。



  • If wearing a suit of power armor equipped with a jet pack, do not attempt to jump up through the hatch in the elevator; the player will clip into a pile of debris and get trapped.
  • The facility is one of the few places in the Glowing Sea that is hardened against radiation, so the player can safely remove whatever gear they are using to prevent radiation damage while inside.
  • In the tunnels in the basement are two rooms with beds.
  • If the Liberty Reprimed quest has not been started yet, the room where the Mk. 28 nukes are stored will not be accessible; there will be a shelf blocking the door.


The Sentinel site only appears in Fallout 4.


  • 前哨站的外型設計來自史坦利麥克森警戒者基地,一座位於北達科他州尼科馬市的反導彈系統設施和偵測雷達站。該設施是基於衛兵計畫的一部分建造的。
  • 衛兵計畫前身為哨兵計畫,哨兵本身是對奈基-X計畫的回應,旨在對抗洲際核彈的攻擊。然而因其部屬於郊區,居民抗議聲稱部屬的地區成為重點打擊目標,結果就是短短18個月的計畫被取消,但已建造位於Sharper's Pond的基地,則併入後來更加小型且僅用於保護美國空軍導彈基地的衛兵計畫。
  • 現實的28型核彈,又稱為B28氫彈,是美國服役最長的戰術核武,自1958年到1991年退役為止。部分型號用於彈頭,但不是在洲際導彈上。
  • 前哨站的名字和外觀靈感來自亞瑟·查理斯·克拉克的短篇小說前哨。故事論述太空人在月球發現一個由外星文明在幾百萬年前建造、用作監察地球文明的金字塔型「哨站」,其最終被核武器摧毀。這個故事後來成為作者和美國導演寇比力克的合作原點,衍生出著名科幻電影2001太空漫遊及同名小說。



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