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本文介紹的是the location known as Gun Runners that appears in Fallout: New Vegas. 關於the Gun Runners faction,參見Gun Runners
關於the location knows as Gun Runner's Fortress that appears in Fallout,參見Fortress
This is the New Vegas branch of the Gun Runners, supplying the wasteland with only the finest armaments since 2155.





VendortronIsaac 在大院外。售貨亭旁邊設置了重裝台。

前店後廠的複合型結構。廠區設在一個大院里,大院外有守衛看守。They patrol the fenced in area in a clockwise fashion. They like to linger on the platform in the northeast corner of the fenced in area for a bit then continue their patrol.







  • 一個夕陽沙士五星瓶蓋,在大廳金屬桌子旁的盒子里,盒子里還有幾個空瓶。


  • 售貨機器人的物品更新於禮拜三和禮拜日
  • 殺死任何守衛跟槍匠不扣道德值或陣營聲望
  • 殺死任何守衛跟槍匠,門口機器人繼續賣你東西
  • The weapons seen against the wall in the Vendortron kiosk are just static models, not actual weapons, and cannot be picked up, even by using glitches and console commands.
  • After the Courier finishes Honest Hearts, the Gun Runners will start selling .45 Auto pistols, .45 Auto submachine guns, war clubs, and fire bombs along with .45 Auto rounds, and will always stock all six of the weapon mods for the Honest Hearts weapons.
  • There is a poster near the Gun Runners' work space featuring a turtle and a saying from a 1950s advertisement telling children to "Duck and Cover" in the case of an atomic bomb explosion.
  • There is a companion dismissal terminal on the outside wall of the box where the Vendortron is located, after patch
  • If the guards respawn after being killed, them turning hostile might also cause Isaac to turn hostile toward the Courier. In order to interact with Isaac, the Courier must wait for the Gun Runners to turn neutral again after some time.
  • Weapons at Gun Runners are sold at 98 percent condition.




  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Icon pc 門口的售貨機器人有個漏洞,它賣的東西都是滿狀態的。可以這樣鑽空子,把一個破東西賣它,再買回來,東西就成新的了,也沒花幾個錢。漏洞出現的前提是你必須和機器人說話,把能說的都說完。破東西變新之後呢,你如果再把它賣給機器人,當然能小賺一筆了,你會發現機器人的目錄里有兩個同樣的你賣它的東西,一個是新的,一個是你原來的破東西。知道該怎麼做了吧,買破東西回來,再循環一次又一次,只要你不怕麻煩。----最後提醒一下,這個漏洞不是很穩定,不是每次都成功[已核实]
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Icon pc If Vendortron's caps exceed around 30,000 it will not go below this, no matter how much you sell to him. This is not exploitable as everything you sell will not award you the designated value and will simply give the weapons over to Vendortron (this does not always happen and can be easily avoided).[已核实]
  • Icon pc 如果後院的大門是打開的,那麼機器人的目錄就不會刷新[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 It is possible to be super-bounced into the air in front of the Gun Runners store, after trading inventory with a companion and turning around to face the Vendortron. This leads to the player character dying from the fall, unless the player is able to land on the roof of Vendortron's kiosk, then fall to the ground.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 When you exhaust the Vendortron's caps, save the game and exit to Xbox dashboard. When you play game and load your save, the Vendortron's caps will be replenished.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 If you try to attack Vendortron through the glass of the store and then enter the building, it will then appear in the Gun Runners building, and there is no way to defeat it as it seems to be invincible.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 The Vendortron sometimes spawns outside of the store.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Icon pc If the guards do respawn, they will be hostile. It is unknown why, as they may have been "resurrected" by the game and due to former hostilities, will shoot you on sight.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 The three gunsmiths may not attack you when you are shooting them. Instead, they will continue to work and watch you, as if you are doing nothing wrong.[已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 If you sell a modded weapon to Vendortron, buying it back will cause all of the weapon's mods to vanish.[已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 The Gun Runner guards may never respawn once the Courier kills them.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Sometimes upon visiting the Gun Runners store for the first time at a lower level, the Vendortron's weapon inventory may have all of the guns that are normally available at a later level, bypassing the level requirements for the Vendortron to stock those items.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon pc On very rare occasions, Isaac will oddly disappear even when you're seeing him. He will not reappear no matter how long you wait.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 There are a few energy cells on a workbench in the Gun Runners building. When the player picks one up, the others fall through the bench to the floor, usually becoming unobtainable.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon pc If you go inside the Gun Runners building, the vendortron unit may come inside the building with you and will attack you, the vendortron unit is invincible and when you go outside it will follow and be outside its shack (while still being invincible).[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon pc Sometimes when you fast travel to the Gun Runners, a follower will run away to the NCR Sharecropper Farms and reach a fence. After reaching the fence, they will return to the player. (Similar to the Raul Tejada fast travel bug)[已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Standing in front of the kiosk glass you can target the guards in V.A.T.S, the chance is 0%, however, you can throw explosives through the kiosk in V.A.T.S but they will not be able to get past the fence surrounding the complex. [已核实]
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Throwing explosives directly in front of Vendortron will hurt (with minimal damage) one of the nearby guards behind the fence, turning them hostile. [已核实]
  • Sometimes when you fast travel to Gun Runners, Isaac will come out through the gate to the factory and not close it.


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