To ensure our survival, Taggerdy needs true soldiers. Not mercenaries, not weekend warriors, but cold-blooded killing machines bursting at the seams with efficiency, determination and grit. That's what I intend to give her - the best of the best.— Sgt. T. Wilson, CO of Camp Venture

Camp Venture is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Camp Venture was known before the war for its extreme survival training. Known as VEST (Virginias Endurance and Survival Training), it was ran by Edward Hayes Jr., a Free States member. The intense training course lasted four weeks, with attendees working on their cardio, strength and learning numerous skills, including building fires, cleaning water, establishing shelter (week 1), handling firearms, field dressings, safety against poisonous flora (week 2), wilderness navigation, first aid and signals (week 3). The final week was essentially an examination, where attendees applied the skills they learned in practice. Hayes used the facilities to train members of the Free States, including Raleigh Clay and his family, in preparation for the nuclear war. When the Free States seceded from the United States in late 2077, Hayes mothballed the facility and retreated to his bunker.[1]

This proved to be a windfall for Taggerdy's Thunder, left to fend for themselves by the chain of command. Acting on de Silva's recommendation, Lt. Taggerdy moved her squad into the camp, where they survived the harsh winter of 2078. In close contact with Roger Maxson on the West Coast, the Venture was where the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel was eventually born.[2] Taggerdy ordered the Camp to full readiness, in order to fill out the ranks, putting Sgt. Ted Wilson in charge of training volunteers. Within 29 days, Wilson brought the mothballed facility back to operational status, improvising a training regimen, adapting Ranger techniques to their present situation (complicated by the lack of an airborne component, but he made do). Recruits signed up regularly, but Wilson's brutal training caused many to wash out. The first class that graduated from Camp Venture had an over 50% failure rate and one fatality due to the live-fire exercises Wilson had recruits perform. However, they were the right kind of people for the Thunder, the lieutenant, and Captain Maxson.[3]

Other complications happened from time to time. On January 3, 2081, a recruit by the name of Fisher, just a week from graduation, deserted from the Camp taking a combat shotgun, ten boxes of shells, salvage recon, and other gear. The incident resulted in Sergeant Wilson modifying the recruiting strategy used by Lt. Taggerdy, starting a pattern of elitism and preferring military veterans in recruiting, something that would come to bite the faction back, hard, years down the road. However, the Camp's training continued and when the Brotherhood was formed around 2082,[4] it provided a steady stream of new troops for the organization. Although some couldn't take the strain - as was the case with one K. Kelly, who took her own live on November 9, 2083, unable to live on after losing most of her family and loved ones - others excelled, as was the case with Tex Rogers, who received a commendation on March 26, 2086 from Wilson, the very first he issued since the Great War. As this came just as the situation around Huntersville was heating up, the timing was impeccable.[5]

Although the Camp could continue for the foreseeable future, the appearance of the scorchbeasts and the Scorched, coupled with Taggerdy's steep recruitment criteria meant the Camp's life expectancy was drastically reduced. Losses taken in containing the Bog's scorched threat and refusal to cooperate with other factions led to the Camp being shuttered in July 2093, with remaining personnel reassigned to Fort Defiance, Thunder Mountain power plant, and defense stations along the Bog's perimeter. The remaining Squires were immediately assigned combat duties, completing their training in practice, while Wilson was promoted to Fort Defiance executive officer.[6]

By the time of the opening of Vault 76, in 2102, all the bunk houses outside the perimeter wall were falling apart and the interior was overrun by Scorched.


Camp Venture sits on the edge of the Mire and is divided into three distinct sections. The outer sector, surrounded by a crooked, derelict wooden wall, once served as the bunkhouses and outer edge of the VEST camp. The Brotherhood repurposed the buildings and salvaged the bunkhouses, leaving only the VEST storage and supply building intact and using it for storing their non-essential gear and as temporary storage for dangerous tech recovered from across Appalachia. The building contains a lot of loot and high level junk, though to access the locked door in the basement, one needs to head up to the main Brotherhood facility up the hill.

The facility cannot be missed, surrounded by prefabricated fortifications. It includes the barracks at the southern edge, complete with plenty of loot, notes, and holotapes. Just outside the eastern wall is a chemistry station and power armor depot with a random power armor spawn. The building next to the depot is the weapons storage and requires either the key (found in a locked level 0 locker in the bunkhouse) or a level 3 lockpicking skill. Apart from ammo and a minigun, it also has two bobblehead spawns and a magazine spawn, plus a weapons workbench.

The last building is the command center, which requires that players obtain the password. The password is located in the locked room in the basement of the storage and supply building. Inside is the steamer trunk, more lore, the Overseer's cache, and information on Fort Defiance's location.

Up the hill lies the landing pad, emblazoned with Taggerdy's Thunder insignia, including a console to call cargobots to location and a live fire range to the northeast, which has another weapons workbench and a tinker's workbench.


  • 安全儲藏庫鑰匙 - 營房內南側其中一個置物櫃裡,反抗要塞陷落任務過程中會找到。
  • Five fusion cores - Chance to spawn on the wall cabinet inside the level 3 locked armory.
  • Three potential bobbleheads:
    • Two can be found in the weapons storage building, one on the ground to the left of a weapons workbench.
    • On top of the northeastern cabin's roof, in the middle.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • In the middle of the command center, inside the top row of a metal cart, near the central steel support beam and by the "star" trunk and the overseer's cache.
    • In the weapons storage room, below the shelf trolley jutting out from the southwest wall (under the green metal work cabinet), left of the weapons workbench inside the locked security gate area.
  • 動力裝甲底盤 with T-series armor pieces - 營房外頭。
  • Mini nuke - Inside the secure storage basement, on top of a wall mounted cabinet.
  • Stealth Boy - Inside the secure storage basement, on top of a wall mounted cabinet, near the entrance of the secure storage room.
  • Five potential plans:
    • Inside a bottom cabinet shelf in the basement, next to the secure storage room. (Weapon mod plan)
    • Inside the northeastern cabin with a 'Restricted' sign at the entrance, in a room behind a security gate, on a table. (Armor mod plan)
    • Inside the northeastern cabin, in a room behind a security gate, on the bottom row of a surgical cart on the left. (Weapon mod plan)
    • Inside the mess hall, on a metal shelf, at the bottom row on the left. (Armor plan)
    • Inside the command center, on a metal shelf, on the middle row. (Armor mod plan)
  • Two potential mods - Under the main counter of the building at the weapons training range.
  • Three potential weapon mods:
    • Inside the locked secure storage basement, on the top left grocery shelf.
    • Two can be found under the main counter of the building at the weapons training range, in the far left shelf.

Holotapes and notes

  • 關於兄弟會 - 指揮中心桌上。
  • 匿名日記頁 - 營房內北側其中一個置物櫃夾層上。
  • 貝爾蒙特事故 - 指揮中心桌上。
  • 指揮中心密碼 - 在標有Storage and Supplied building的木屋,地下室內鎖住的安全儲藏庫裡。反抗要塞陷落任務過程中會找到。
  • 鋼鐵兄弟會的組成 - 營房中央的桌上。
  • 再見,A - 在標有A宿舍的殘破木屋。
  • 亨利的信 - 營房內北側其中一個置物櫃夾層上。
  • 給湯米的信件 - 指揮中心桌上,反抗要塞陷落任務過程中會找到。
  • 給瑪姬的訊息1 - 營房內西側床鋪下。
  • 給瑪姬的訊息2 - 同上。
  • 監管人日誌:冒險營 - 指揮中心的監管人庫房。
  • 保存科技 - 營房角落廚房檯子上。
  • 雪莉的信 - 在停機坪北邊的射擊場建築內櫃台。
  • 儲藏室報告 - 上述安全儲藏庫門口附近的金屬小桌上。
  • 生存計畫清單 - 有兩份,一份在A宿舍裡,一份在標有S.E.R.E. Training building的殘破木屋。
  • 麥克森為德西爾瓦寫的悼詞 - 指揮中心對面的屋子,裡頭上鎖的武器室內桌上。


安全儲藏庫政策 - 釘在安全儲藏庫門口旁牆上,無法拾取。


Camp Venture appears only in Fallout 76.




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