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Camp Venture is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Camp Venture was a pre-War survival skills training facility.[1] It was the Appalachian regional facility for 'Endurance and Survival Training of the Virginias', or V.E.S.T.

Sometime before 2093, the camp was turned into a Brotherhood of Steel forward operating base, or FOB, receiving government aid drops on the Vertibird landing pad. This camp was used primarily to train incoming recruits into the Brotherhood, with many of them dropping out or leaving. Gradually, the Brotherhood lost all the vertibots and started running out of housing space.

The Brotherhood stationed at the encampment relocated their headquarters to the Allegheny Asylum and Camp Venture was officially considered abandoned by the Brotherhood in July 2093,[2] where they fought in a final attempt to hold off the Scorched. Only holotapes remain from their struggles throughout Appalachia, describing the horrors of the Scorched along with tensions between Responders and Free States.

By the time of the opening of Vault 76, in 2102, all the bunk houses outside the perimeter wall were falling apart and the interior was overrun by Scorched.


On the west, uphill side of Camp Venture, and to the north of a gorge crossed spanned by an impassable rope bridge, there are several buildings, a area containing several workbenches, and a helipad. Below the helipad (to the east), there are three buildings surrounded by defensive barricades.

To the east of this fortified compound there are several other buildings, including a quartermaster building. There is a ditch to the south of this portion of the camp, crossed by a foot bridge. A Pioneer Scout obstacle course is south of this ditch.


Holotapes and notes编辑

註釋 编辑

安全儲藏庫政策 - 釘在安全儲藏庫門口旁牆上,無法拾取。


Camp Venture appears only in Fallout 76.



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