Natick Banks is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is a small town built next to Lake Cochituate, just north of the Glowing Sea.


Natick Banks is a small town that sits along the western edge of Lake Cochituate. The larger part of the town is occupied by super mutants; the northern part, closer to the Roadside Pines motel, is occupied by raiders. Additionally, a deathclaw may appear in the town's center. The eastern part of the town, including the Natick Police Department, has submerged in to the lake.

There is a Red Rocket gas station in the southern part of the town, next to a small house holding terminal entries written by Kim Wu, a pre-War Chinese-American child hiding with her family from being sent to internment camps. A bed can be found in the same room as the terminal. The town's church and graveyard may hold some feral ghouls.

To the west of the town is a shipping warehouse with a sprawling trailer yard; and further up the hill, a large electrical substation. There is a large concentration of deathclaws in the area (up to nine,) as well as a super mutant behemoth (usually found roaming around the substation) near the western map boundary, often fighting one or more of the deathclaws.


  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox in the red brick building in the northeastern corner of the town, on the second floor under a table with a baseball glove on it.
  • 等級化的動力裝甲在加油站南方的軍方檢查站。


Natick Banks is one of the places where the Brotherhood will patrol with a Vertibird and knights.


Natick Banks only appears in Fallout 4.