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二十一世紀初, 美國被劃分為十三個聯邦自治州, 之前的內華達州政府與南加利福尼亞夏威夷一起成為了西南聯邦自治州的一部分.


新里諾, 破碎丘, 地下掩體市蜥蜴城, 這些非常相異的城鎮都在前內華達州領土中. 然而這些城鎮(除了蜥蜴城)都收錄在地下掩體市北加利福尼亞旅行記錄中. Jules也將New Reno歸為加利福尼亞 (Cee-Ay)的一部分.


Tycho's father mentioned Las Vegas and a fat mobster there. Las Vegas localization is beyond eastern edge of the Fallout worldmap (and beyond western edge of Van Buren worldmap, 30 miles north-west of Hoover Dam).


Hoover Dam lies on the border between Nevada and Arizona. The NCR supply train sometimes arrived to Hoover Dam from the west.

Desert Rangers编辑

Desert Rangers were a faction living in the Nevada area during Vault Dweller times. They were descended from people who had survived the devastation when Great War had happened, likely living among the badlands of Nevada. This small community kept a strong survivalist contingent - so they still had some small arms and books. They probably had something like the cliff-dwelling Indians going on for their town. Tycho was one of them. The Chosen One didn't meet Desert Rangers in western part of Nevada (Fallout 2 area, 2241-2253 year).


In real world there are two class I railroads in Nevada:


According to Hoover Dam and Boulder design documents Hoover Dam was conected by railroads with western parts of the NCR, Fort Aradesh, Boulder and Denver.

Because of Powder Gangs operations line from Hoover Dam to Fort Aradesh become inoperable.

Appearances in games编辑

Fallout 2 takes place partly in Nevada, as would Van Buren if it were finished and as will Fallout: New Vegas. Nevada was mentioned by Tycho in the original Fallout.

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