Kellogg's pistol is a unique .44 pistol found in Fallout 4.


Deeming her husband unable to provide for the family, Mrs. Kellogg entrusted her only son Conrad with a revolver, telling the little boy that the newly-formed New California Republic and what he learned in school was not to be trusted. This meant the only thing in the world that would protect him was the very weapon he held in his hands. Kellogg eventually became very adept with his revolver and became an expert marksman. He used the gun to kill countless opponents over the course of his extended life, including the Sole Survivor's spouse.


This .44 Magnum revolver is Kellogg's primary weapon of choice. The weapon originally had factory wooden grips and a standard barrel, but its owner eventually modified it with a bull barrel and synthetic comfort grips.

Kellogg's pistol has the Relentless effect which allows critical strikes to refill Action Points.

Weapon modifications

Kellogg's pistol comes with a standard receiver, bull barrel, comfort grip, and standard sights. .44 pistol


  • .44 pistol: Standard version.
  • Eddie's Peace: Unique scoped version that deals extra limb damage.
  • The Gainer: Unique .44 pistol with fire damage.
  • Early Retirement Creation Club - Unique .44 pistol that deals extra damage against synths.


Found on Kellogg after killing him (or near his body) in Fort Hagen, during the quest Reunions.


  • In the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, and PC when using a vibration enabled controller, drawing the weapon will sometimes cause the controller to vibrate briefly. The effect remains if the weapon is renamed.
  • This weapon can serve as a decent stand-in for Grim Reaper's Sprint.

Behind the scenes

When Kellogg fires his gun in front of the player for the first time, the player can hear a spent casing hit the ground, even though revolvers do not eject spent casings. However, according to the firing sound's location in the game's files as well as its filename (Sound/FX/WPN/Pistol10mm/NPC/WPN_Pistol10mm_Fire_NPCKelloggChargen_01.wav), it seems that at some point in development, Kellogg was supposed to be using a 10mm pistol instead of his current .44 magnum.