The Pioneer Scout lookout is a location in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia in 2102.


Pioneer Scout lookout was a watchtower perched on the hillside by Camp Lewis. It was presumably built to keep watch over the lake, to ensure the scouts camping below on the shore of Grafton Lake did not swim or boat too close to the nearby Grafton Dam or Grafton Steel Mill. At some point, following the events of the Great War, a raider named Bosley was contracted to execute a hit on Henrick by using the watchtower.[1] Conversely, Henrick was set up on the roof of Grafton Steel Mill to take out Bosley.[2] The two men ended up killing each other, as evidenced by the corpses next to their notes.


This lookout tower overlooks Camp Lewis to the south. The room at the top of the tower contains a bed with a duffle bag below it and a locked footlocker at its base. There are also a set of lockers which house a first aid box and a large map of Appalachia on the wall. A raider corpse holding a hunting rifle sits on the walkway outside, next to a note detailing the target he was attempting to snipe. There is also a cooking station on the northern corner of the walkway.


  • 博斯利的筆記 - 在瞭望塔看台的掠奪者屍體旁。
  • 內部筆記3 - 瞭望塔東北邊,地圖上蝴蝶圖案的西南邊,在懸崖邊一處擺滿客廳傢具的桌上。


The Pioneer Scout lookout appears only in Fallout 76.



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