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After all, they say, everyone knows how to make another human, but the secrets to making a P94 plasma rifle are all but lost.

Elder Lyons on the Brotherhood Outcasts



兄弟會流放者是一群從大本營中的鋼鐵兄弟會分裂出來的團體。在里昂斯長老試圖推行保護政策後,一部份反對者led by Henry Casdin在月黑風高的夜晚脫離了鋼鐵兄弟會,帶著武器和先進的科技離開他們。在Casdin的领导下,放逐者们向北前行并最终在独立堡垒扎根,在此地他们击退了当地的强盗团伙并且成功将这个站前设施变为了他们的总部。但是,他们依然在努力试图从土匪团伙的手中夺取Fairfax废墟,一个侦查小队于任务中途从镇中撤出。 這群人雖然被他們從前的兄弟會稱為【放逐者】,他们将自己的名字作为荣誉的象征,并且将他们自己的动力装甲涂装成红白相间的颜色来将他们自己区分于莱昂长老的东岸兄弟会。

雖然這群人雖然被東岸兄弟會稱為叛徒,但他們視自己為正統的鋼鐵兄弟會教義;他們仇視里昂斯長老,並試圖和已失聯的西岸鋼鐵兄弟會恢復連絡,以共同制裁里昂斯的異端傾向。他们继续执行兄弟会的任务,在首都巡视并且收集有用的战前科技,比如虚拟现实战略Until that day, the Outcasts continue to uphold the Brotherhood’s mission and scour the Wasteland, reclaiming pre-War sites in search of valuable technology, such as the Virtual Strategic Solutions facility in the Bailey's Crossroads district, which the Outcasts are currently struggling to defend the region from the super mutants.[1]

Sometime between 2283 and 2284, Arthur Maxson reunified the Brotherhood and the Outcasts by convincing the latter to conclude a truce at the age of 16, becoming the new and youngest leader of the East Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.


The Brotherhood Outcasts outfit themselves in repainted T-45d power armor, having adopted a new color scheme following their exodus from the Citadel. To compensate for their limited numbers, the Outcasts have supplemented their forces with a number of reprogrammed robobrains, sentry bots, and protectrons, all adorned with the Outcasts’ colors.

In addition to stockpiling viable technology salvaged from the ruins of the Capital Wasteland, the Outcasts analyze and reverse-engineer their findings, leaving work logs throughout their headquarters.

Though based out of Fort Independence, the Outcasts maintain at least one other outpost in the Washington, D.C. area. While the Brotherhood of Steel patrols the central ruins of D.C., Outcast patrols are commonly encountered throughout the greater Capital Wasteland. Outcast patrols typically involve three Brotherhood Outcasts (often comprised of one armed with a ranged weapon, one armed with a melee weapon, and one armed with a heavy weapon) or, more commonly, 1-2 Outcasts and an Outcast protectron or robobrain. There are three "ranks" of Brotherhood Outcast, which appear according to the player's level, with higher-level Outcasts possessing more hit points and better weapons. Outcast patrols are neutral if not quite friendly towards the Lone Wanderer, and will fight against hostile enemies such as raiders, Enclave, creatures, and rogue robots.



The Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts show great disdain towards wastelanders. While not hostile, they will constantly insult and berate the Lone Wanderer. Though the player character can make a deal with them at Fort Independence, it is not possible to join their faction. If the player character is caught trying to enter their base or killing Protector Henry Casdin, the Outcasts will become hostile unless the player character has delivered enough technology to them to be considered a friend. Even if the Lone Wanderer begins to be considered as a friend, the Outcasts will still berate the player character for their assumed technological backwardness, unless the Wanderer is wearing Outcast power armor, in which case the Outcasts will treat them as one of their own.

Access to Fort Independence is never technically given, but after supplying Protector Casdin with enough scrap metal, energy weapons, and/or power armor, the dialogue option "So are we good? Do you trust me enough now?" appears when speaking to Protector Casdin. This is usually when it becomes safe to pick the locked door to Fort Independence, providing the player character does not pick the lock with an Outcast watching.

Protector Casdin does engage in nearby firefights and can sometimes be found dead at Fort Independence, making the freeform quest to deliver materials impossible. Searching his corpse reveals a door key, but using it will still turn the Outcasts hostile upon entering Fort Independence.

Outcast members are scripted as evil characters, thus fingers can be taken off their corpses if the player character takes the Lawbringer perk. Protector Casdin, Defender Rockfowl, and Defender Morgan drop ears, but the player character's Karma is not affected.


他們和鋼鐵兄弟會呈敵對狀態,they will engage each other on sight even though Elder Lyons professes to understand the reason for the Outcasts' departure。

Although the Outcasts emphasize collecting technology as their primary mission, not the protection of the populace, Outcast patrols will still engage hostile enemies such as 英克雷、變種人和掠奪者, although this is probably in self-defense. Similarly, Outcast patrols will not fire upon neutral Wasteland inhabitants such as scavengers.


Brotherhood outcast soldiers are formidable opponents. They have superior protection, weaponry, and skills to virtually every indigenous faction encountered in the Capital Wasteland, including raiders, Talon Company mercenaries, and most indigenous fauna the Wasteland has to offer. Outcasts generally, though not always, operate in patrols of three units. A typical patrol consists of either two soldiers and one robot, or three men. One will be a melee attacker, one a mid-ranged, and one a heavy weapon user, making them a bit more dangerous, as all of them can open fire the second a hostile appears. Outcast patrols are generally weaker than Enclave kill-teams, however, and frequently lose to them in direct combat unless the Outcast squad is making use of heavy weapons. Fortunately for the Lone Wanderer, Outcasts are usually not hostile (but gruff and rude) when encountered, making their appearance often helpful.


Outcast patrols generally use the following weapons:

In addition to having human members, the Outcasts make extensive use of protectrons, sentry bots and robobrains to round-out their small numbers. Some of the sentry bots are particularly powerful, equipped with gatling lasers. All of the above can be easily spotted by their red-and-black-flecked paint job, mimicking the armor of their Outcast masters. While the protectron is hardly a wonderful combatant, the robobrain can prove a challenge, and the sentry bot is outright deadly. Particularly strong squads have a higher concentration of better gear.

Interactions with the player character

The Lone Wanderer can talk with Protector Casdin at Fort Independence, who can arrange a deal between the Outcasts and the Lone Wanderer to trade various technological items for useful supplies, such as stimpaks, 5.56mm ammunition, frag grenades, and RadAway.

The Outcasts play a major role in Operation: Anchorage, in which a group of Outcasts in the Outcast Outpost, under the command of Protector McGraw, is trying to acquire advanced military tools, and the only way to enter the locked room containing these relics is by completing a military simulation only accessible by someone wearing a Neural-Interface Device (e.g. Pip-Boy).


  • All Brotherhood Outcast patrols are considered evil. Killing them incurs no Karma penalty and they will potentially drop a finger for those with the Lawbringer perk. However, doing so may turn their whole faction hostile to the Lone Wanderer.
  • The player character will lose Karma for destroying Outcast robots, and killing Outcast members stationed at Outcast Outpost or the named Outcast members, like Henry Casdin, unless they attack first.
  • All Brotherhood of Steel soldiers are hostile to Brotherhood Outcasts, and it is possible for them to meet and fight, especially at Vault 101 and Fort Bannister with the Broken Steel add-on.
  • While textures for an Outcast Mister Gutsy exist, they are unused, and Mister Gutsy units do not spawn with Outcast patrols. Similarly, all Outcast sentry bots will spawn with the gatling laser arm, despite there being textures for the minigun arm. Outcasts were also intended to have their own variant of recon armor, but the individual texture for it is unused and no Outcasts spawn with recon armor.
  • It is possible to gain access into the Fort by pickpocketing Casdin. Be forewarned though, once in, all the outcast members inside are hostile to the player.


Brotherhood Outcasts appear in Fallout 3 and the add-on Operation: Anchorage, and are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4. A small group of Outcasts are featured in the Fallout 4 Creation Club quest Malevolent Malfunction, although all but one of them are dead.


  • pcIcon pc xbox360Icon xbox360 After delivering enough technology to Protector Casdin the player will be granted "trusted" status and added to the OutcastAllyFaction Faction. Although Casdin indicates this will put the player on friendly terms with most members of the Outcasts, the optional "friendly" dialogue is set to check if the player is a member of the OutcastFaction Faction, rather than the OutcastAllyFaction Faction. This results in most "friendly" Outcast greetings and dialogue not being heard. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 Sometimes, when finding a patrol, the sound of a gatling gun being fired is heard, but is never actually being used.表达式错误:未预料的<操作符


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