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The Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force is a faction comprising Brotherhood of Steel soldiers sent from Lost Hills to re-establish contact with the Appalachian Brotherhood.


When Roger Maxson formed the Brotherhood of Steel following the Great War, he used surviving satellites to communicate with survivors across the country, attempting to recruit them into the Brotherhood. He succeeded in contacting Elizabeth Taggerdy, who formed a Brotherhood chapter with her ranger unit in Appalachia.

Contact was lost with Taggerdy when the satellites failed, and the Western Brotherhood was left unaware of the outcome of the Appalachian chapter's war against scorchbeasts and the accompanying Scorched Plague.[2]

Paladin Leila Rahmani led the First Expeditionary Force on their cross-country journey from the Lost Hills bunker, initially to journey across the United States to investigate valued technological sites, finally stopping at ATLAS Observatory, in order to discern the fate of the Appalachian group.

After crossing the Rocky Mountains, radio communications were likewise lost between Lost Hills and the Expeditionary Force. Over the course of their months-long expedition, Rahmani and the rest of the First Expeditionary Force encountered a settlement under threat of raiders. Rahmani decided to equip them with government-issue weaponry they had found in a Midwest military bunker. However, the weapons proved useless against the raider force, as the settlement was wiped out, with only two survivors.[3][4][5] This incident would set off a division between Rahmani and Shin, with Shin wanting Rahmani to stand trial with the Council of Elders.[6] As such, Rahmani would like to avoid re-establishing contact with Lost Hills, as she fears it would result in having their titles stripped and their influence rendered illegitimate. Despite the fact that re-establishing contact was an order in and of itself, Rahmani believes that they could continue on as a sanctioned offshoot nonetheless, able to spread "authority and goodwill across the nation."[7]

However, after Russell Dorsey fortified the ATLAS Observatory, her voice could once again be heard across the region, becoming more audible with each passing week.[8][9] The loss of communications came from the interference of raiders, preventing the force from messaging back due to the loss of their long-distance transmitter.[10]

By the time they reached Appalachia, crossing over two thousand miles,[11] taking multiple months,[12] the group itself was made up of only three original Brotherhood personnel.[13] In addition, they had informally recruited many initiates and hopefuls along the way.


The Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force appears only in Fallout 76, first mentioned in The Legendary Run before making a full appearance as of Steel Dawn.


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  3. Vault Dweller: "What was this incident?"
    Paladin Rahmani: "You must recall the Brotherhood weaponry we tasked you with retrieving these last few missions. We had claimed the entire cache from a military facility in the Midwest. It was meant to stay under Brotherhood protection. Until we came across a town under threat of a massacre by the Raiders. We equipped the townspeople with the weapons, and fought by their sides. It was the only way to give them a chance. But it wasn't enough. The Raiders won. They took possession of the weapons. And they've been running wild ever since. It is my belief that we must learn from our mistakes. But Knight Shin hangs onto them. He cannot move forward until he confronts the past, until he lays our guilt on display for the Elders. I say that we can - that we must - move forward on our own."
    (Leila Rahmani's dialogue)
  4. Vault Dweller: "Is what happened really such a big deal?"
    Paladin Rahmani: "You weren't there, Initiate. It was... harrowing. Those civilians trusted us to save them. We... lost one of our own as well. Knight Connors. May he rest in peace. We disobeyed orders, handing out those weapons instead of safeguarding them. Perhaps it would have been forgivable, had we succeeded. But the Elders would take this failure as proof of the danger of unrestrained technology. They would double down on the fearful conservatism I've tried so hard to steer them away from. We cannot let that happen. At this stage, the Brotherhood still has a chance to be something better."
    (Leila Rahmani's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "As Paladin, how could you let this incident happen?"
    Paladin Rahmani: "Yes, I am responsible for the final outcome of all operations performed by this group, regardless of individual choices made. What happened is an irreparable tragedy. I carry the weight of the lives that were lost with every step I take. But I cannot allow it to stop me."
    (Leila Rahmani's dialogue)
  6. Vault Dweller: "Tell me about the incident that split Rahmani and Shin."
    Scribe Valdez: "Right... Those weapons you've been chasing? We found them in a government facility on our way to Appalachia. We were supposed to keep them to ourselves - that's how we operate - but then we ran across a settlement being threatened by raiders. We couldn't just leave them to die. We equipped them with the weapons we found, but it didn't help. It was a massacre. The whole place was wiped out. Everyone was killed, including Knight Connors, one of our own. The only survivors were two children we brought back with us, Marcia and Max. Knight Shin believes it's our duty to report this incident to Elder Maxson. Paladin Rahmani feels we'd be punished just for trying to help."
    (Odessa Valdez's dialogue)
  7. Vault Dweller: "Contacting the Elders might destroy us? There's something you're not telling me."
    Paladin Rahmani: "Something happened during our journey to Appalachia. A mistake that cost the lives of an entire town, and likely countless more. If Knight Shin gets an opportunity to speak with the Elders, he will confess to this incident, and to us breaking their direct orders. We'll have our titles stripped, our influence rendered illegitimate. Everything we worked for here will be gone. But if circumstances prevent us from establishing contact, we will continue on as a sanctioned offshoot of the Brotherhood of Steel. We will be able to spread its authority and goodwill across the nation. Is that not something worth fighting for?"
    (Leila Rahmani's dialogue)
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  10. Vault Dweller: "Why did the Brotherhood come here?"
    Knight Shin: "The First Expeditionary Force was tasked with investigating several valued technological sites across the U.S., concluding at the ATLAS Observatory. From here we would report back on the fate of the preceding Appalachian Chapter, carrying on the Brotherhood's mission in their stead if need be. Or we would have done that report, if we still had a working long-distance transmitter. We have Raiders to thank for that one."
    (Daniel Shin's dialogue)
  11. Leila Rahmani: "Need to have Valdez take another look at my armor. 2,000 miles of hiking's put some real wear on it."
  12. Vault Dweller: "Where did your group come from?"
    Scribe Valdez: "California, all the way across the continent. I've read that people used to fly that distance in a few hours, but the trek took us months. Maybe eventually we'll get flying again, but for now it's an arduous journey."
    (Odessa Valdez's dialogue)
  13. Vault Dweller: "How many of the Brotherhood are here?"
    Russell Dorsey: "Well, aside from the Initiates and hopefuls they recruited along the way...just three. I was expecting more, honestly, but Paladin Rahmani said three was plenty to start a new chapter. With the recruits they have already, she's right."
    (Russell Dorsey's dialogue)
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