Tin foil hat time children, my eyes and ears tell me the big, bad government has taken over that big machine thingy at the Jefferson Memorial. You heard it here first my friends, the Enclave is on the scene.Three Dog, Galaxy News Radio

The Jefferson Memorial is a monument in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. The location forms a central part in the game's storyline, with several main and side quests taking part here. It has five interior sections that can be accessed.


傑佛遜紀念堂 位於華盛頓,為紀念18世紀政治人物湯瑪斯·傑佛遜所建。傑佛遜是獨立宣言的作者和美國的第三任總統。這座20世紀的紀念館建於波特馬可河的潮水塢堤岸。與其他在2077的大戰中被毀壞的遺址不同,傑佛遜紀念館相對保存完好的延續至23世紀。 它的位置很特殊:它離建築群很遠,可在現實中它就位於華盛頓紀念碑的旁邊。



似乎地下室中的一間屋子是主人公的出生地。這間屋子是醫務室,可以找到James留下的3盤磁帶,其中一盤講到他失去了妻子Catherine,但現在他又有了一個女兒/兒子(根據玩家的選擇)。 另外屋頂有Gene投影儀。繼續深入地下室直到一個有一張床,一張桌子和一個茶几的屋子。在茶几上有一盤磁帶。茶几對面的桌子有更多的磁帶。

在DLC「Broken Steel」中,純凈計劃是被啟動的。 Brotherhood of Steel Knights will patrol the catwalks and shore for dying mirelurks, which apparently are being poisoned by the clean water. This may be due to the fact that mirelurks evolved after much of the Wasteland's water was irradiated, and can thus only survive in radioactive water.


  • 在Picking Up The Trail支線中,你能聽到兄弟會成員討論英克雷在純凈計劃布置的強大火力。但是來到這裡會發現只有未完成的圍牆和兩名士兵。
  • 在遊戲後期也可以進入這裡,時間為The American Dream支線後,或在Liberty


  • 有時進入後,屋正中間的坦炮會在沒有被激怒的情況下變的瘋狂,並射擊任何它看見的Centaurs/Mutants。 (Confirmed on the 360 and PS3)
  • 如果在李醫生告訴玩家之前就進入紀念館,那麼這裡只會有2名英克雷士兵,而不是大量的超級變種人。
  • 有時,一個旅居車會被困在力場內。 不知道它是否會繼續前行還是一直被困在那裡。 (360)
  • 如果物品掉到了周圍的建築物上,有可能會快速移動並無法再取得(360)在PC版本中,TCL指令可以使玩家得到物品,只要玩家別把他們撞掉。(PC)
  • Crouching in third person with a hunting rifle and pushing the L trigger near the door(outside) may cause one of your legs to fold up at an odd angle.(360)
  • 在復地下室的西部有一個烤架,它的旁邊會有罐子不停的穿透地面掉下來。(PS3)
  • 在泵控制室內有一本損壞的書不停的穿透地面。(PS3)
  • J書的旁邊有一個湯匙和叉子也會穿透地面。(PS3)
  • In the Rotunda room, in the little area with the pipes/pilars, there is a wall that you can walk through. (PC)
  • If you exploit the glitch where you could glitch into the Citadel, and start the quest "Picking up the Trail", you can entirely skip "The Waters of Life" quest. The only problem is that the quest is never finished, causing the map marker for Jefferson Memorial to remain until near the end of the game. (Upon returning after escaping from Raven Rock, Enclave forces have still captured Project Purity, and Autumn is still in the Rotunda, but in the locked control area) (Needs Confirmation)
  • After waking up from activating the Purifier and visiting Jefferson Memorial there was an Enclave Soldier and a Sentry Bot attacking the Brotherhood of Steel and Rivet City Security after the Sentry Bot fired two rockets in the sky they left two burning balls of smoke in the sky which have stayed there since.
  • It has been confirmed that Liberty Prime can sometimes walk off the bridge and end up standing in the water. (PS3)
  • Before Picking up The Trail has been completed it is possible to get past the force fields at the Jefferson memorial via the Western Bridge, you can go inside and 2 Enclave Soldiers will be hostile in there, however if you walk onto the scaffolding there are 3 non-hostile enclave soldiers and an officer, Dialog can be had but the only option is see ya later.
  • During The Waters of Life, Once you reach the point where your father and Janice Kaplinski are being interrogated by Augustus Autumn, if you are to relaod a saved game (from the start menu) and re-enter the scene in the Rotunda, the automatic containment door takes roughly 2 second to close, allowing the PC to get inside, and speak with Autumn and the Enclave soldiers. While Autumn will (litterally) have nothing to say, the Soldiers only spoken words are "Hey" and "Yeah?", and the only speech option available will be "I have to go now". WARNING: Do not save while in the reloded file, as you will be stuck in the Rotunda control center and will have to wait for radiation to kill you. there is no way out. (Confirmed 360)
  • And on the Take It Back! quest sometimes Liberty Prime will walk on the side of the bridge and get stuck, almost falling off.


  • 附近是一個超級變種人集中營,還有一個俘虜。 Due to the camp's proximity to the caravan routes, if the player is in the area when a caravan passes through, the Super Mutants may kill both the merchant and his guard. There is a Lying, Congressional Style near some beds in the camp.
  • 紀念館的北面,穿過河灣和Super Mutant集中營西部,有一個小碼頭叫做「Pirate Pely Boats and Bait」。 有一個可以進入的陋室,裡面有:醫藥箱,幾盒煙,收款機和一些戰前貨幣,電腦和櫃檯上的照相機。在櫃檯後面的保險箱有一些小物品,一個小型提箱,柜子和垃圾箱。在屋內有一隻被輻射後的蟑螂。
  • The Rotunda room is backwards (Confirmed for PC and 360).
  • When fast traveling to the Jefferson Memorial Building after entering the Broken Steel quest-line, Enclave forces, usually one soldier and a Sentry Bot will be fighting Rivet City security and Brotherhood of Steel forces on the bridge, including scribes. This is a good way to get BOS holotags and scribe robes.
  • Although it is temping to go swim and drink from the fresh water outside there are a few Mirelurks who have the same idea. Be careful as they can attack you in-water but you can't attack them in-water
  • If you started the Strictly Business quest and used the Mesmetron on Flak, his buddy Shrapnel will wander around this area and will help you shoot down the Super Mutants/Enclave that spawn in the area. If you knock Shrapnel unconscious while in combat, when he wakes up he will have infinite health and start shooting at you. The only way to stop him is to shoot the gun out of his hand.
  • In the room that you find "Better Days", there is a framed Revelation 21.6. You can't interact with it though.

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