Hypothesis is an Institute radiant quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Institute radiant quest: Hypothesis
Talk to Clayton Holdren in The Institute.
Head to the unnamed location and collect the tissue sample.
Head back to the Institute and talk to Clayton Holdren.
Rewards: 400 XP
*4 Stimpaks

Detailed walkthrough

This quest can be received from Clayton Holdren at various points throughout the Institute questline. If he doesn't give it to you on his own accord as soon as you talk to him, ask if he needs anything done.

Once active, the quest will direct you to a randomly chosen super mutant stronghold like Faneuil Hall or the Scrap Palace, where you'll be required to kill the resident super mutant leader. The exact enemy type is dependent on player level. Said leader will drop the requested flesh sample upon death.

With the sample in your possession, return to Holdren for a reward in XP. Note that in order to get any material reward from him, an easy Charisma check needs to be passed right before giving him the sample. If done successfully, Holdren will give 4 stimpaks.

Possible locations

Quest stages

100 Collect a Flesh SampleTo aid in one of his experiments, Doctor Holdren of the BioScience division asked me to obtain a tissue sample from a particularly tough Super Mutant.
200 Take the Flesh Sample to Clayton HoldrenI've obtained the Super Mutant tissue sample that Doctor Holdren requires for his experiment, and now I need to deliver it to him.
1000Quest finishedQuest completeI collected a tissue sample from a tough Super Mutant to help with one of Dr. Holdren's experiments.
1500Quest failedQuest failed


  • The sample (renamed tissue sample in such a case) can sometimes be found as random loot on powerful super mutants without having received the quest before and even if the Institute has been destroyed during the main questline. It is unknown whether this is a bug or serves some other purpose. The sample, while weightless and no bother, still counts as a quest item and can neither be sold nor dropped or stored in a container.
  • Directly after completing the mission, it is possible to pickpocket a tissue sample from Clayton Holdren which can be reused when repeating the mission.


  • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 Attempting to persuade for a reward after doing this quest more than once will give dialogue for the failed persuasion attempt even if the charisma check is passed, therefore Clayton will not reward the 4 stimpaks. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Playstation 4Playstation 4 In the Gwinnett Brewery, the tissue sample may not be at the marker, making it impossible to complete the quest. [已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One Clayton will send you to Graygarden to get a sample. The marker is just over the hill from the greenhouse, but no sample is present. [已验证]