Well, they've got more than enough up in the supply room, but Michael and his damn forms say that this particular suit isn't up to specs. Damn bureaucrats.Kyle

Fix the broken T-51b power armor is a side quest in Fallout.


Kyle, a Brotherhood of Steel Knight in the Lost Hills workshop, is trying to fix a suit of T-51b power armor. However, according to Michael, the equipment manager for the Brotherhood, this particular suit isn't up to specs anymore due to supposedly substandard soldering repair job done by Kyle, which means that Kyle can no longer get the part necessary to make it operational.



Side Quest: Fix the broken T-51b power armor
Speak to Kyle about the power armor.
Go to Rhombus' room and steal the armor part.
Persuade Michael to give to you the part.
Give the part back to Kyle.
Use the part on the power armor.
Reward: 500 XP
T-51b power armor
Dean's Electronics skill book


This is one of two ways to obtain a suit of power armor in the game, and the only one available to those with neutral or negative karma. To obtain the necessary small piece of machinery, there are two options:

  • Talk to Michael and persuade him into giving the part. He will see through the ruse if the player mentions Kyle at any point.
  • Alternatively, raid Rhombus' quarters. The item is located in the locker next to the door in his quarters (beyond the office). It has to be stolen, however, the head paladin keeps a close watch on the door to his quarters. If the player open the doors, he will react. At night, he is in his quarters asleep, but will wake up and leave the bedroom to investigate the open door. If Rhombus catches the player character, they can feign innocence, but will be removed from the room and the motivator returned to the locker (if taken). If they are caught a second time, they are expelled from the Brotherhood for thievery.
    • Sneaking legitimately is difficult, as the path Rhombus has to travel is far shorter than the player's to the locker. Sneaking directly from the locker to the exit is around difficult to impossible, even with 200% Sneak. Circling around Rhombus seems to have a much higher success rate. Lowering Rhombus' perception with alcohol may also help reduce his perception greatly. The player can also use a Stealth Boy and circle around Rhombus to steal it while sneaking, another method is taking the Motivator out of the locker, then walking near the door and dropping it before Rhombus can catch the player character, claim innocence, then quickly re-enter the room and take it before Rhombus can talk the player character again.
  • The simplest method is entering combat mode repeatedly, as it will prevent Rhombus from taking a step and allows for looting the systolic motivator with impunity.

Once the player has the part, Kyle will give them a repair manual and install the unit, although he will not fix it. The player character must have a Repair skill of at least 70% to succeed. If they do not and try repairing it anyway, then the threshold is increased to 100%. Once the check is met, all that's left is collecting the armor from the floor.


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