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Protectron's Gaze is a unique AEP7 Laser Pistol.


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Laser Pistol


It is awarded after handing The AntAgonizer's armor to The Mechanist. The Mechanist states that the weapon is crafted from the parts of his loyal robot assistant that was killed by The AntAgonizer, the event that inspired him to become a superhero.


  • It can be repaired with regular AEP7 Laser Pistol.
  • It deals considerably more damage than the normal AEP7 Laser Pistol, and fires a cluster of beams at once like a "laser shotgun", although its spread is much tighter than most shotguns found in the game. This is similar to the Metal Blaster rifle from The Pitt which you can obtain for gathering 50 Steel Ingots
  • It lacks the accuracy of a standard laser pistol, making it less effective for longer-range attacks.
  • The main advantage of this weapon is that it fires a number of laser beams in a shotgun-like spread, while using only one unit of ammunition.
  • It has a slightly slower rate of fire and a significantly smaller magazine (20 as opposed to 30) than the standard Laser Pistol.
  • It should be noted that if you finish the quest before going to see the Mechanist, he will not be there. It must be done while still doing the quest. See the quest for more details. (The Superhuman Gambit)


  • The spread remains consistently tight when firing outside of VATS mode; however, when firing within VATS mode, a registered "miss" will make the spread much wider than it is outside of VATS mode (though some beams may still connect with the target, doing slight damage). For this reason, this weapon is often more effectively used outside of VATS mode.
  • The base damage is split between each of the beams, and each beam can cause a separate critical hit doing extra damage per beam. Furthermore, a sneak attack critical will affect all beams as they are all afforded the critical damage bonus up to +120!
  • Although the Mechanist gives you this weapon, you will not be able to obtain it by killing him.
  • This weapon is very effective when combined with perks like Better Criticals, and a high energy weapons skill. When used as an initial "alpha-strike" sneak attack, the critical damage bonus can push this weapon capability up to the realm of weapons such as the Alien Blaster.
  • Against weapons carrying enemies and outside of VATS, even when aiming at the head stray beams often hit the arms and/or weapon, causing them to drop it. 


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  • The Superhuman Gambit


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