Book? Oh, that book. Who sent you? I'm not sure if that's the proper side. Don't forget the tissue.— Derek, a lunatic

Get book from Derek is a side quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Talk to Becky.
  2. Offer to help find the book.
  3. Retrieve the book in the East Side of the Den at one of the five possible locations: Graveyard (center), Outhouse (north), behind Metzger's Slaver's Guild (east), rusted car door (south) or a shelf in Mom's Diner.
  4. Return to Becky and collect your reward.

Detailed walkthrough

You get this quest from Rebecca Dyer, she is located in the bar Becky's at the West Side of the Den. It is only available after completing the quest Collect money from Fred.

Becky asks you to retrieve a book from Derek in the East Side of the Den. Derek himself is located just outside of Mom's Diner, but unfortunately of no help whatsoever. The book in question is "The Lavender Flower" (a romantic novel) and spawns somewhere in the East Side, though the exact location is random.

Possible locations of the book include:

  1. Inside the outhouse (toilet) north of The Hole bar, on the floor.
  2. In the Graveyard at the center of the map, near a tree.
  3. On the ground in the middle of a cluster of trees a little south and west of the car behind Metzger's Slaver's Guild (The trees in question are just north of the '<' shaped wall)
  4. At the right of a barrel with a rusted car door, south of the Graveyard.
  5. In the shelf of the little room inside Mom's Diner building.

After you found the book at one of the listed locations, return to Becky and collect your reward.


  • 300 XP
  • $80


  • This quest can be difficult or just plain irritating, because you get no real pointers on where to look for Derek (when you found him he is of little help) and because of the random spawn locations of the book.

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