Quite simple, really. You prove yourself as a thief. Succeed, and the world is yours! If not, then you'll never see us again.Loxley

Steal necklace from the Merchants is a side quest in Fallout.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Steal necklace from the Merchants
Talk with Loxley.
Reward: 900 XP
Talk with Jasmine about supplies. (optional)
Go to Heights.
Disarm and unlock the chest inside Hightower's house.
Steal the necklace and get out unnoticed.
Report to Loxley.
Reward: 500 XP, Electronic lock pick, 3000 caps

Detailed walkthrough

In the Hub's Old Town is a building with a staircase that leads down to the Thieves' Guild. The Vault Dweller must pass some traps and locked doors to find Loxley and his thieves.

Loxley will give the Vault Dweller credit for navigating through the defenses and extend an offer of membership to the Thieves' Guild, provided that they steal a necklace from the house of an eminent local merchant. Completing the initial dialogue and accepting this quest will grant 900 XP. If Jasmine is spoken to, she will give the Vault Dweller some supplies for the mission.

Daren Hightower's home can be found in the Heights district of the Hub. His house is heavily guarded, making a stealth approach very difficult, although security is slightly more relaxed after 6pm. Alternatively, during the day, the Vault Dweller can talk their way past the first two guards by saying they need to speak with Mr. Hightower, and then entering combat to avoid Mr. Hightower's dialogue.

If the Vault Dweller gets caught sneaking in, they may have to kill the guards. In any case, the objective of the mission is to get inside a room toward the lower left of Hightower's house. Inside one can find a strongbox, protected by a trap that will explode if the Vault Dweller tries to lockpick the box before disarming it (using lock picks may not work but using lockpicking skill from the skilldex will). Inside the strongbox is the fancy gold, silver and diamond necklace. Returning it to Loxley in the Thieves' Guild completes the quest.



  • The quest reward is 3000 caps, while the necklace is only worth 700.
  • The necklace can be stolen back from Loxley.
  • An Intelligence under four requires Mentats to obtain and finish this quest.