Camp Adams is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


Camp Adams is a pre-War campsite that sits on top of a hill, just north of the Camp Adams lookout. The main area consists of three cabin buildings (a camp office, shower block, and locker room), a covered picnic area, and a central campfire area. There are two cooking stations in the location - one in the central campfire area, and one beside the picnic tables. There is also an armor workbench in the picnic area. The signs, scoutbook and several copies of Scouts' Life which can be found in the buildings suggest that this was primarily used as a scout camp before the bombs fell.

A marquee and large tent are set up a little way down the hill, next to a path that leads away from the cabins. The marquee houses a radstag doe corpse which is strung up in front of several seats. The large tent contains several sleeping bags and is presumably where the scouts would sleep when they visited the campsite.

The multiple bear-proof trashcans dotted around the location and the large bear statue in front of the camp office may be evidence of the make-up of the local wildlife before the bombs fell.


  • Binoculars - Around the campfire on a bench.
  • Two random recipes - Beside the binoculars.
  • Three random magazines:
    • Around the campfire on the center bench.
    • On the floor in the shower block.
    • On the ground behind the knowledge exam cabin.
  • PIONEERBOOK: Fundraisers - Note, on a desk in the cabin with a bear statue in front of it.
  • 童軍手冊:食物準備 - 在野餐桌區桌上。
  • 童軍手冊:露營 - 在營區西北邊的帳篷。


Camp Adams appears only in Fallout 76.