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亞當斯倉存設施is a building at 亞當斯空軍基地,位于基地的东南角。


该仓库由自动炮台把守,在其中储存着大量高价值的军火和物资。在英克雷到达此地之前这里似乎曾经有过不少居民,但它们现在都已经化作累累白骨,越往楼上走,尸骨的数量就越少。如果英克雷工程师史蒂格斯被饶过一命,他就会和自己的机器人保安一起跑到这里来避难,并在Who Dares Wins任務结束之后立刻远走高飞。


The main entrance to the storage facility opens into an alcove that can be walked past to get to a dirty and grungy workroom of sorts. A set of stairs leads up to the second story. All that is on the second story is a door that leads back outside.

Notable loot


  • When exiting the building for the first time, an Enclave Hellfire trooper and three sentry bots will spawn north of the facility exit and start killing Brotherhood guards unless intervened with.
  • If the automated turret spots the Lone Wanderer, Stiggs and his two robots will become hostile temporarily.


Adams storage facility appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


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