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The horror. Bodies strewn everywhere. Some crucified, while others were left to rot out in the sun. I still wake up screaming in the middle of the night from the horrible images I saw that day.

Jo is the sheriff/mayor of Modoc in 2241.


An average person of average height and average complexion. Nothing out of the ordinary.[1] Jo is the epitome of average.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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该角色是一名商人 卖: general supplies


Effects of player's actions

  • When the Chosen One is talking to Jo to receive the "investigate the ghost farm" quest, they can ask him to cut off his right pinky finger. Should he go ahead, bad Karma along with the the mutilated finger will be received, it is also possible to stop Jo by realizing he is serious about the situation, allowing the man to keep his appendage. If told to "saute the finger in a butter sauce", after he cuts it off however, he will pull out a shotgun on the Chosen One in response to the bad joke.
    • This option is only available with positive Karma, and only still if one does not have too much of it. 346 Karma suffice, which the player character can have if they did every quest until now and helped Tyler against Lara. But if one helps Lara (ca. 360 Karma), Jo outright rejects cutting off his finger, saying he is desperate, but not dumb.
  • If Jo dies, Bo takes his place as Justice of the Peace.


服装 武器 其他 物品
Red outfit Shotgun 12 gauge shotgun shell x20


Jo appears only in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes

Jo is a reference to the saying "an average Joe", used to describe a person as ordinary and completely normal.


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