Order Up is a side quest in Fallout 4 that takes place at Drumlin Diner. Trudy, the owner of the diner, can be heard arguing with Wolfgang over Trudy's son Patrick's debt. For all available options, talk to Wolfgang to begin the quest.


  1. 與沃夫甘對話
  2. 殺死楚迪或與楚迪談判或趕走沃夫甘
  3. 殺死楚迪或趕走沃夫甘並回報對應角色會結束任務,與楚迪談判可以說服她或反過來答應幫她殺死沃夫甘。
  4. 若殺死沃夫甘,回報楚迪;若說服楚迪,回報沃夫甘,任務結束。



  1. 進入餐廳與楚迪交談。所有對話都會導向她為玩家提供資金殺死沃夫甘。
  2. 和沃夫甘談談。他和西蒙娜最初會抽出他們的武器,但有可能會問是怎麼回事。
  • 有可能威脅他放下武器,然後勒索他的錢,第三度成功威脅將讓他逃跑。在這之中一旦恐嚇失敗了,他和西蒙娜將會變成敵對。如果他們被殺,楚迪將獎勵玩家角色。在第三次魅力檢查前,可以詢問發生了什麼。


  • 玩家可以詢問有關楚迪的事。沃夫甘解釋了他如何讓她的兒子派翠克迷上傑特



  1. 玩家可以提供幫助,在這種情況下,她將提供100個瓶蓋來殺死沃夫甘。可以討價還價到125,150或高達200,拒絕幫助將使她變成敵對。
  2. 她也可以被說服或威脅去付沃夫甘錢。如果“和平方案”失敗,則任務默認為她殺死沃夫甘的提議。如果“威脅”選項失敗,她將變成敵對。


  • 如果楚迪被殺,沃夫甘將接管餐廳並成為一名化學藥品商人。
  • 如果沃夫甘被殺或驅逐,楚迪仍可以作為一名普通商人使用。
  • 如果楚迪付了錢,那麼當沃夫甘靠在外頭牆上時,她仍然在櫃檯後面。兩者都可提供商家服務。

Quest stages

20 Talk with Wolfgang or Trudy
70 Talk with Trudy - Spoke to Wolfgang firstWolfgang over at the Drumlin Diner says Trudy owes him money she won't pay. He's offering me a reward if I resolve their disagreement.
75 Kill Wolfgang - Spoke with Trudy firstTrudy, the owner of the Drumlin Diner, is offering me a reward if I kill Wolfgang, a local chem dealer who got her son addicted to Jet.
1000 Talk with Wolfgang - Trudy and Patrick deadTrudy and her son are dead. Wolfgang will be happy about this.
2000 Talk with Trudy - Wolfgang and Simone deadWolfgang and his friend are dead. Trudy should be happy about this.
2100 Talk with Trudy - Wolfgang and Simone ran awayI managed to frighten Wolfgang and his friend off. Trudy, the owner of the Drumlin Diner, will be happy now that they're gone.
3000 Talk with Wolfgang - Convinced Trudy to pay debtI convinced Trudy to pay off Wolfgang. He'll be pleased to hear about this.
4000 Talk to TrudyI put an end to the conflict between Trudy and Wolfgang at the Drumlin Diner.
5000 Talk to WolfgangI put an end to the conflict between Trudy and Wolfgang at the Drumlin Diner.
6000Quest failedQuest failed - everyone deadEveryone in the Drumlin Diner is dead. Whatever mess these people had gotten themselves into doesn't matter now.
6100Quest failedQuest failed - everyone hostileI've attacked everyone at the Drumlin Diner. Whatever problems they had hardly matter now.
7000Quest finishedQuest complete

Companion reactions

Talk to Wolfgang

  • Cait loves intimidating Wolfgang into lowering his gun. Danse, Hancock, MacCready, Preston, Strong and X6-88 like this, everyone else dislikes it.
  • Codsworth, Curie, Deacon, Nick, Piper and Strong like offering help. Preston and X6 dislike this, everyone else has no opinion.
  • The sarcastic option, stating "This world can bite my ass," yields likes from Cait and MacCready, dislikes from Codsworth, Curie, Danse and Preston, and no reaction from anyone else.
  • Asking payment from Wolfgang after his money was demanded earlier elicits dislikes from Codsworth, Curie, Danse, Piper and Preston. X6 likes doing this, however, and none of them react to asking for money if it was not demanded earlier. Deacon and Strong will always dislike under all circumstances, whereas Cait, Hancock, MacCready and Nick will always have no response.
  • Inquiring about Trudy leads to three more choices. Virtually everyone dislikes saying "They should pay," even Cait and MacCready. X6 has no reaction. "You're both wrong" elicits likes from only Cait, Nick, Piper and Preston, no reaction from the others. Everyone except Curie, Hancock and X6 will like calling him a scumbag. Curie dislikes the comment, Hancock and X6 have no reaction.
  • Everyone except Strong and X6 dislike "Join the attack." Strong and X6 like this approach. Codsworth, Curie, Deacon, Piper and Preston like "Talk to Trudy," whereas Cait, Danse, MacCready and Strong dislike this approach. Hancock and X6 have no reactions.

Talk to Trudy

  • Cait, Danse, Hancock, Nick and Piper hate threatening Trudy into paying up; Codsworth, Curie, Deacon, MacCready and Preston dislike the threat; only Strong and X6-88 like the threat.
  • Codsworth, Curie, Danse, Nick, Piper and Preston like a peaceful resolution. Cait, Deacon, Hancock, MacCready and Strong dislike this approach, X6 doesn't react.
  • Offering help to Trudy leads to her offer to kill Wolfgang. Codsworth, Curie, Deacon, Nick, Piper and Preston like this choice, Danse and X6 dislike it, everyone else does not react.
  • Cait and X6 like haggling over the cost of Wolfgang's life. Codsworth and Danse hate it. Hancock and MacCready have no reactions. Everyone else dislikes it.
  • Cait, Deacon, Hancock, MacCready, Strong and X6 like agreeing to kill Wolfgang, whereas Codsworth, Curie, Danse, Nick, Piper and Preston dislike this. These reactions are inverted when refusing to kill him, except for Danse and X6, who don't react to saying "No."
  • Talking to Trudy before Wolfgang yields no affinity changes, even though the dialogue options are similar to speaking to her second. Ultimately these choices lead to her offer to kill Wolfgang, which yield the same reactions as stated.


  • This quest can also be initiated by talking to Trudy first, although this will only yield the option to kill Wolfgang and Simone. However, she will not turn hostile if the player character refuses to kill Wolfgang, unlike if he was spoken to first.
  • If Wolfgang is convinced to turn tail and run off (all three Charisma checks), both he and his partner Simone can later be found just inside Goodneighbor, though they do not have any unique dialogue and will act as generic NPCs (i.e. they will only say "Yeah?" "Huh?" and "Yes?"). They will not offer merchant services, unlike at Drumlin Diner.
  • To get the most caps out of this quest, the player character can threaten Wolfgang up to two times to extort some caps, then go to Trudy and offer help, asking for money 3 times to collect 200, then kill and loot Wolfgang and Simone, selling their gear to Trudy. This will net at least 245, plus whatever their gear sells for. This cannot be done the other way around, as Wolfgang will not raise his offer for help beyond 100 if he is extorted, even with successful Charisma checks.
  • The player can "walk away" from conversations mid-sentence by pressing the left control stick/WASD keys, without committing to help one or the other. In this way, it is possible to threaten Wolfgang with the first two Charisma checks, then exit mid-conversation and go to Trudy and get her to agree to paying up to 200 caps, walk away again, then go back to Wolfgang and tell him to leave with the third Charisma check, which will yield the 200 cap payout from Trudy.
  • It's possible that Wolfgang and Simone may already be in a shootout with Trudy and her son as the player arrives. The event can be seen unfolding from a fairly far distance away. Going into V.A.T.S., Wolfgang and Simone will appear as enemies (RED), while Trudy and her son will be friendlies (HUD color). If the player does nothing, neither will attack and Wolfgang can be heard telling the player character to leave, but a companion may start attacking Wolfgang and Simone. After killing Wolfgang and Simone, Trudy can be bartered with, however the quest "Order Up" will never actually start nor finish, thus the player character loses out on any affinity changes, increased cap rewards and experience.


這個任務似乎指向輻射新維加斯任務By the Campfire on the Trail,當信使第一次在清泉鎮沙龍遇到楚迪,她正和喬·科布爭執中,他的團伙也渴望捕獲Ringo和該城鎮。幾乎相同的情況再次發生在聯邦荒地上,沃夫甘堵在餐館迫使楚迪清償派崔克傑特的債務。科布和沃夫甘都與楚迪有著相同的“stop being nice”introductory line,嘲弄地引用同行製作的莫哈維荒原中相同情境。


  • Has platform::PCPC If Wolfgang is killed during the "Talk to Wolfgang" objective at quest stage 3000, the objective will not clear, making the quest impossible to complete. The quest can still be failed by killing Trudy and Patrick.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC If Wolfgang and Simone are killed, their bodies do not disappear. They will appear as you left them, and where you left them. But if you check the bodies several game days later, even if they were looted clean and still appear to be naked, NEW loot is back on the bodies. Visited regularly, the bodies can be re-looted several times.