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Dog City or Dog Town is what is left of Denver, Colorado after the Great War. It was taken over by Caesar's Legion after they assimilated the Hangdogs tribe. There is no real civilization present, just a series of salvager camps set up high in the skyscraper ruins, away from the endless pack of feral dogs which roam the streets below.


Denver is a location rich in resources that are difficult to obtain. With widespread looting, claims have been made on parts of the dangerously unstable city, with vicious dogs prowling the streets.

The salvagers are a group of around twenty New California Republic former prisoners on a special work release program, salvaging items for the NCR in exchange for their eventual freedom. The dogs inhabiting the city are the now-feral descendants of local pets and specially-bred police dogs. Rats, giant cockroaches, mutant bats, and climbing lizards are common hazards. The salvagers were driven out of their original camp by these dogs and struggled to get by in their new, temporary camp. Tensions have peaked from the constant dog threat, lack of communication from the NCR, and the limited diversity of food that they are forced to eat. In addition, a rival group of salvagers and a mysterious group of military men occupy the city. The salvagers live in the partially-constructed buildings of Denver, several stories up from the reach of the dogs.



Road to Denver.

这座城市是重工业云集的地区,为附近的博尔德市新近开发的全自动研究设施提供工业支持,吸引了很多移民来到丹佛寻找机会。When the war with China started, trade diminished and construction ground to a halt. Consequently, union riots and strikes occurred from the lack of work available and the federal government's inaction to the resolution of the crisis.

墨西哥Great Midwest Commonwealth食物紧缺后,丹佛市因人口密集,不少居民对联邦政府分配食物的计划很不满意,甚至有些反抗者对附近的建筑纵火,联邦政府不得不动用警力来镇压反抗,人手不够警方就开始调集更多警犬上阵。Some deliberately attacked police and National Guard troops so they would be imprisoned and fed. 一些不愿参与镇压的國民警衛隊員were also imprisoned.



丹佛市几乎没有文明社会,残留很多辐射变种的野狗,盘踞在这座城市周围的拾荒者have tried to loot some of the buildings, but there had never been a coordinated effort until 2251.

2251年,a group of work-release NCR 的犯人from Porter's gang到这里来拾荒,希望有一天能够赎回自由。They were to scavenge as many building supplies as possible, establish a track outpost, and pave the way for the NCR occupation.

2253年, glowing ghouls started arriving from Boulder. 一帮从凯撒军团中逃出的奴隶,由于城市西边的辐射沙尘暴挡住了他们回家路,他们只能留在这里求得一丝生存的机会;另一帮拾荒者则是彻头彻尾的强盗,时常跟在NCR 拾荒者后面抢劫他们的劳动所得。


The salvagers have a great deal of supplies to trade. However, they desperately require some variety in their food and medical assistance. Scavengers also believe that there is gold to be found in the area.


大多数人都是 NCR 的拾荒犯人,自然对 NCR 有关的人有所敌意,They don't care one way or the other about the tribals,有些来自Hangdogs部族的土著人会来和这些拾荒者买狗,这是对两方都有利的交易;偶尔钢铁兄弟会的人也会与这些拾荒者交易,只要拾荒者并不藏匿高端科技,钢铁兄弟会也就没有意见。Used to working, they would've also likely gotten along with the people of New Canaan, provided they were treated well.


NCR salvagers

  • Bombay Jack
  • Clay
  • D.T. Danner
  • Davis
  • Denny
  • Garcia
  • Jeb
  • K.C.
  • Marshall
  • J.J. Morehouse
  • D.C. Lowery
  • Porter
  • Jimmy T. Roche
  • Rogers
  • Spineless Stu
  • Mike Tabor
  • Terrence
  • Victor
  • Wagner

Traitor salvagers

  • T.J. Reilley
  • Slow Joe
  • Anton
  • Hardin
  • Morgan
  • "Bean" Murphy
  • Scoby
  • Uncle Jim
  • Wahl

"Evil" salvagers

  • Vince
  • Emery
  • Russ
  • Saul
  • Gustavo

NCR military

  • Butch Mariano
  • Salvador
  • Cunningham
  • Green

Caesar's Legionaries

  • Terrence
  • Cruz
  • Thunderfoot
  • Ivory
  • Marco
  • Wierzbowski


  • Daniel
  • Dogbody
  • El Diablo
  • Job


Dog Town did not appear in any of the published games, but was to appear in the canceled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle Studios codenamed Van Buren. Denver was mentioned by Antony and The King in Fallout: New Vegas as being overrun by dogs and home to cyber-dogs. Also (in the ending fight against Legate Lanius in New Vegas) if you have a 90 or higher barter skill the Legate will talk about how he led the Legion to claim Denver but lost many men due to the harsh city and dwindling supply lines. Also, Ulysses claims he has been there.

Behind the scenes

  • The Denver design document was written by Sean K. Reynolds. The entire document (1.0 version from 7/24/2003) leaked and was released by No Mutants Allowed in June 2005.
  • Dogtown could be a reference to the album Diamond Dogs, composed in 1974 by the artist David Bowie, where the singer describes a post-apocalyptic world full of mutated feral beasts and toxic clouds. The art design of Denver is similar to the landscape in the album booklet.


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