The Downtown district is the largest and central district of the Hub. To the west is the Heights district, Old Town is to the east, and the Water Merchants are to the south, while the entrance is up north.


  • The police station and prison are in the east.
  • Lorenzo Giovanni's Friendly Lending Company is down south.
  • The Maltese Falcon is a bar, casino, and hotel above Decker's Underground which is guarded by Kane.
  • Merchants
    • Far Go Traders is owned and run by Butch Harris in the northeast, and they seem to be the largest caravan trading company in the Hub. Far Go Traders owns Beth's Gun Store, south of the main office. Rutger is Butch's assistant, and Sid is Beth's bodyguard.
    • The Crimson Caravan is owned by Demetre Romara in the northwest. Keri Romara is Demetre's daughter and takes care of scheduling and payment.
  • There is a library and a general store bordering the gun store.
  • South of them is Iguana Bob's shop.


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