The Chinese jumpsuit and the Chinese commando hat are pieces of clothing in Fallout 3.

Locations (jumpsuit)

Chinese jumpsuit

The Chinese jumpsuit is worn by Chinese commandos when the failsafe terminal is activated during the Tranquility Lane quest. It can not be looted from their bodies, as they will merely be rendered unconscious when "killed."

Dirty Chinese jumpsuit

Its counterpart, the dirty Chinese jumpsuit, can be purchased at Potomac Attire in Rivet City, found in the Taft Tunnel under the Jefferson Memorial, and found on Chinese remnants in Mama Dolce's.

One of these can also be gained from a dead Chinese commando in a random encounter. A radio signal from a Chinese radio beacon guides you to the commando's corpse.

Unique variants

  • Winterized Chinese jumpsuit
  • General Jingwei's uniform

Locations (hat)

Chinese commando hat

  • Taft Tunnel under Jefferson Memorial, near the Very Hard locked terminal that Doctor Li hacks. It is in the room with all the generators that Enclave soldiers spawn from. The location can be reached via a secret manhole in front of the Citadel after The Waters of Life.
  • Inside the drainage chamber near broadcast tower KT8. It lies on the floor next to two long-dead Chinese remnant spies.
  • In the Operation: Anchorage add-on, one is located on the sandbag wall encountered on the way to the Chinese Forward Base Delta. It is just before one sees the American soldier executing Chinese soldiers. It has unlimited durability.
  • In the cryo lab in the Mothership Zeta add-on, it is in the southwestern most corner room behind a door that must be activated with a switch. The hat is on a table on the right when entering the room.
  • Engineering core of Mothership Zeta, next to an ammunition box in a northeast hallway leading to a teleportation matrix to the Bridge.

Unique variants

  • Hat of the People (cut content, re-added in The Pitt)
  • Chinese General hat