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Dr. Zorbo is an antagonist in The Adventures of Captain Cosmos media franchise.


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Thirty thousand years ago, Dr. Zorbo defeated Orcos, Archon of Osteopolis, in some sort of wager. Winning by technicality, he acquired Orcos' immortality cuffs. Orcos would grow to have a rageful hatred of Zorbo. This hatred evetually subsided as the millennia passed, and Orcos eventually became "Skellscream," undead bounty hunter.[1]

Zorbo, "Emperor of the Universe," would eventually lose his title and empire at the hands of Captain Cosmos during The Legendary Run. This caused Zorbo to travel the cosmos seeking allies to build his latest superweapon, The Star Mangler, and finally defeat Captain Cosmos and destroy the planet Earth.[1]


Dr. Zorbo is mentioned in Fallout 76, as well as the accompanying seventh in-game season, Zorbo's Revenge. He first appeared alongside Captain Cosmos and Jangles the Moon Monkey in The Legendary Run board game, where the goal was to arrive at the finish line before Zorbo does, and as a main character in the Zorbo's Revenge radio play. He was added in Fallout Shelter Online in 2023 at one of the Nuka-World campaigns.

Behind the scenes[]

Zorbo is voiced by Neil Kaplan in the Zorbo's Revenge radio play, added to the game on Pirate Radio with the Night of the Moth update.



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