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Gametitle-FO4 AUT

Zoe's diary is a holotape in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.


The tape can be found on Zoe at the site of Mechanical Menace.



Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
WARNING: If your name is not "ZOE" and you are reading this... then you. Are. DEAD.



Soooo... I decided to start keeping a diary in this little holotape. I thought it'd be cool to only update it at different terminals. Kinda like my own little collection, although half the time I have no idea where we are. Navigation's not really my thing. I leave that up to the bots.

Today we stopped by this decent looking salvage yard. It's impressively NOT gross and overrun with ferals like the last one. Liza helped me fix up this terminal so I could get down to business.

Anyway, I think Ada and I got some pretty good defenses set up for now. We have enough supplies for a bit, so I imagine we'll give this place a pretty good once over. I really need to find some good things to trade if I want a new pair of gloves anytime soon.

Raiders are DumbEdit


Raiders are dumb. I'd like to think that people like us are safe based just on their stupidity alone. They tried to steal something off Porter last night... a goddamn luggage toting Sentry Bot. Porter wasted two of them, another one set off a tripwire while running away, and the last one, we think, tripped and just impaled himself on his own knife. That's why you don't run with sharp objects.

Of course, waking up to gunfire isn't very cool either. I think it's time we moved on.

Who Protects the Protectron?Edit


We found this pretty cool factory with some decent Protectron parts, so Jackson is all hellbent on making us a little bodyguard robot. He's been working on it with Shades all day. I'm thinking of naming it Hurtz. I can't wait. I love Protectrons. "Protect and serve!" Oh, and totally authorized to use deadly force 24-7.

In the meantime, Ada and I set up the usual defenses, and then she helped me dig around for fuses and stuff. Not that I'm lazy, but robots are the best when you don't do heavy lifting or feel like carrying stuff around.



So here we are at this run down, mom and pop repair store when we find this trader hiding in the closet. He said he thought we might be Raiders and just hid there... for an entire day and night. And yeah, it's as gross as you might think because... closets don't have toilets... or toilet paper for that matter.

Anyway, he said we're pretty near this area called the Commonwealth that we might want to check out. Said it's got a few decent places for trading as well as an old General Atomics Factory. I think Jackson's all excited at the idea of upgrading Turing. That old Mr. Handy has seen better days.

Shopping Spree!Edit


You're not going to believe it, but we stopped in a department store. It's like a dream come true. I already found some new gloves and boots, not to mention a pair of sunglasses that will make Shades owe me HUGE favors. I'm pretty sure I can get him to take all my night watches for at least a week to get these babies.

Turing has the rest of the route charted to the Commonwealth. We also heard there's a place there called Diamond City, but yeah, not what you think. Apparently, it's some sort of old timey sports stadium. Could be fun though. It'd be nice to check in with another large settlement soon.

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