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Recruit! Attention!! I am Paladin Ziskele. The Elder's have ordered me to mould you lizard chasing, hut dwelling, moon worshipping savages into Brotherhood of Steel Initiates. You are going to learn the basics of combat, followed by inventory management and other skills. First let's talk about this miracle of technology which you are currently using, called the "Pip Boy 2000 Computer". You will receive all your mission briefs and debriefs through this device and you can use it to review any information you receive during a mission. Pay careful attention as you will be given a lot of very useful information. Now begin the mission by Left Clicking on "Start Mission".— His introduction during the training missions.

Paladin Ziskele is an experienced warrior in the Brotherhood of Steel in 2197.


Ziskele commanded a squad of initiates to free the village of Dirt Haven from its raider occupants and later sent another squad to take down Gargantua, the raider leader, in Devil's Graveyard. In the demo version, he narrated all briefings and debriefings.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Though unseen, he was the one who instructed the player character during the tutorial missions (accessible from the game main menu) and supervised the operations in Dirt Haven and Devil's Graveyard.


Paladin Ziskele appears only in the Fallout Tactics demo.

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