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Hi Mandy, this is Horace Applebaum out of Zion General Store. I placed an order three weeks ago for the De-Luxe Mountain Man All-In-One Survival Kits - you know, the ones that come with a compass, a pair of walkie-talkie and a full first aid kit?— Entry on Horace's terminal

The Zion General Store[1] (named General Store in-game) is a location in Zion Canyon in 2281.


Upon entering the store, there are three random low-level animals (i.e. bloatflies, mole rats, Zion mantises). Immediately in front is a cash register with the General Store desk key, which unlocks the locked desk (average) in the back office. There is a silenced .22 pistol (in perfect condition) on the counter, along with two of the five Li'l Scout lunchboxes needed for the quest Tourist Trap.

Behind the counter is the snow globe - Zion National Park, which, as with all DLC snowglobes, will automatically award 2000 caps. Near the counter is a vending machine with some Sunset Sarsaparilla. In front of that is a shelf with many crafting items, then an aisle with many food items. Heading back towards the entrance are many toys (none of which can be used). In the crates past the shelf next to the toys is another Li'l Scout lunchbox. There is also some Nuka-Cola and whiskey on the shelf behind.

In the back office, there is another Li'l Scout lunchbox behind a broom in the locker. On the top of the same locker is an ammunition box. In the locked desk (average) (it can also be unlocked with the key in the cash register) is the final Li'l Scout lunchbox, which should complete one half of Tourist Trap. On the desk is a terminal (very easy) with articles on a shipping error, a bus tour, and more shipping troubles.

Notable loot[]

Related quests[]

  • Tourist Trap - Find the five Li'l Scout lunchboxes within the store.


  • One entry on the terminal talks about a shipment of Dinky the Dinosaur toys the store received by mistake. This is clearly based on Novac's range of toys.
  • Humorously, the store manager continues to complain on the terminal about a missing shipment of survival packages, complete with everything needed to bring to Joshua Graham for the Tourist Trap quest, including a compass, two walkie-talkies, and a first aid box.
  • The toy cars are a lot bigger in size than normal.
  • There is a chance of a giant cazador spawning upon exiting the building.


The Zion general store appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.