All you know of robots are those buckets of bolts -- Those Mr. Handshakers and whatnot. Well... that's not ALL a robot can be... Not in the Commonwealth.

Dr. Zimmer is the leader of the Institute's Synth Retention Bureau, who is temporarily staying at Rivet City in 2277.


Fallout 3Edit

Dr. Zimmer was born in 2219. Zimmer is the head of the Institute's Synth Retention Bureau, and is therefore responsible for the whereabouts of every courser. After the escape of the advanced courser A3-21, Zimmer personally traveled to the Capital Wasteland in pursuit of the missing synth, ending up in Rivet City. He is, without exception, always in the company of his bodyguard, the courser Armitage.[1]

After arriving in Rivet City, Zimmer spent the majority of his time in Rivet City's science lab, where he demanded the attention of Dr. Madison Li, in hopes of gaining her assistance finding A3-21. However, Zimmer was constantly refused, yet continued to loiter in the science lab in hopes of hiring a mercenary to do his dirty work for him. Zimmer appears disgusted with the citizens and conditions of Rivet City, as he is used to the clean, polished lifestyle of the Institute.

He stays in Rivet City even after Li has left.

Fallout 4Edit

In Fallout 4 he is mentioned to be the director of the "Synth Retention" department of the Institute in the Commonwealth. According to the SRB he is currently reclaiming "high profile" units in an unspecified location. In his place is acting Director Justin Ayo.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
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The Replicated Man: Zimmer wants you to hunt down a rogue android.

Other interactionsEdit

If Zimmer is convinced the android is dead, he will leave Rivet City and disappear from the game.


Notable quotesEdit

  • "All you know of robots are those buckets of bolts -- Those Mr. Handshakers and whatnot. Well... that's not ALL a robot can be... Not in the Commonwealth."
  • "That's Doctor Zimmer to you! Miss... miss whatever-your-name-is. I'd have thought you barbarians would be more interested in advanced technology."
  • "Harkness, you say? Yes... Yes, that makes sense. He used to work for a special branch of the Commonwealth Police, after all... And he's right here in Rivet City! Excellent! I must wait... find an opportune moment to confront him... Thank you for your discreet assistance, and continued discretion regarding this matter. And now for your payment. This combat module will directly affect your central nervous system. I think you will find it quite beneficial."


Zimmer appears in Fallout 3, and is mentioned in Fallout 4.



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