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Zeta is one of two known alien motherships orbiting Earth in 2277.


Passages between the various sections can be made faster with teleportation matrices. It also possesses a large number of healing archways placed in all sections, that will heal and remove all radiation of anyone who walks through them.

Aside from living quarters for the crew and the bridge, the remainder of the vessel is dedicated to the ship's basic functions. The engineering core in the lower part of the ship provides access to most of the maintenance sections like the maintenance level, engine room, or waste disposal. In the robot assembly, the various alien drones are produced and repaired.



  • After This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough..., only Bridge, engineering core, steamworks and holding cells can be entered. The other doors will be marked as "inaccessible".
  • Companions will not follow the Lone Wanderer onto the ship even after beating the last quest. However, contrary to the previous add-ons, followers will wait next to the homing beacon upon boarding, with the exception being Dogmeat, as he returns to Vault 101.
  • Many of the chairs on the ship throw off a spray of blood when struck with a melee weapon. Unlike the aliens, the chairs bleed red.
  • When wearing the spacesuit, the left sleeve has been replaced by the Lone Wanderer's Pip-Boy, with its trademark fingertip-less glove. This glove remains fingerless when the depressurization chamber is depressurized.
  • Taking the spacesuit off during the spacewalk results in the Lone Wanderer's head exploding.
  • If Initiate Pek was saved at Falls Church, Paladin Hoss, the unnamed paladin, and Pek may randomly appear somewhere on the ship. They will not aid the Lone Wanderer but try and reach the bridge to get back to Earth.
  • On one of the captive recordings (subtitles are needed to see what it says, as only the alien audio plays) one of the captives, who is a high ranking military officer, can be heard talking about how he has the codes for a part of the U.S. ICBM arsenal.[1]


Zeta appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Mothership Zeta.