The Zane house is one of the buildings in Minefield - the others are: Benson house, Gibson house and Gillian house.

The door to the house can be opened with the Ridgefield gate key carried by Arkansas, the sniper located in the destroyed building in Minefield. If the key is unavailable, it is possible to pick the lock (average Lockpick).


Like most houses in the game, the Zane house has a main room, a living space, a bathroom, and a kitchen downstairs. Upstairs, there's a children's room, a master bedroom, and another bathroom. A pre-War book can be found when the Lone Wanderer first enters the house, on the top of the bookcase by the stairs. Pugilism Illustrated is in the child's room on top of the bed in the oversized teddy bear's lap.

Notable loot

In the lounge:

  • Pre-War book
  • There is an easy locked safe in the back room.
  • Three oversized green plates on a shelf.

In the second floor hallway:

In the second bedroom:

  • Pugilism Illustrated
  • Teddy bear: this one is visibly larger than the other bears in the game. It will stay that way after taking it and putting it back once, but if it is picked up and dropped again, it will become normal size.


  • This house is notable for containing one of the few child skeletons in the game - a smaller than usual one lying on a bed.
  • This house contains two oversized green plates, located on small wooden shelves on both floors.
  • This house also contains an oversized skeleton in the bedroom.


Zane house appears only in Fallout 3.


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