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This is a transcript for dialogue with ZAX 1.3c.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00405FC6 0040603D Sorry, Overseer. You will need higher Overseer Rank to access that Terminal. Have a nice day.
2 00405FC7 00406048 Overseer Rank?! You're making that up. Wait, what the hell? I was looking at that!
3 00405FC8 00405FDB Certainly, you are the Overseer; however, access to the Security Office has now been disabled for Overseer Candidates with Rank 1 Overseer Access.
4 Thank you for understanding.
5 00405FC9 00405FE5 ZAX, I'm the Overseer. I can be wherever I want, you never said I couldn't be here, so I'm continuing with my work. Go away.
6 00405FCA 00406024 Understood. However, records show that Reuben Gill has no business in the Security Office, so I must demand that you leave.
7 00405FCB 00406057 I don't care about that! Just drop them at my door and leave me alone!
8 00405FCC 00406062 The Overseer has many duties. Also, the Overseer's rations are ready for deployment.
9 Unfortunately, as I have noted, you have not earned this meal by completing your duties so it will, ultimately, disappoint you.
10 00405FCD 00406006 Stop calling me that! What "events?" What could I possibly have to do here? I'm the only one left!
11 00405FCE 00406017 You have many events on your agenda today, Overseer Gill. Your position is very important, Overseer Gill!
12 00405FCF 00406021 Go away, ZAX. Why would I need an appointment? Who could I even talk to anyway, or did you forget?
13 00405FD0 00406061 Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. May 20, 2084.
14 Overseer Gill, welcome to the Security Room. Do you have an appointment with someone today?
15 00416633 00416644 That was the last member of a squad. Continue to thin the herd.
16 00416645 You have removed a group from testing. I expected as much from those candidates.
17 00416646 One more group that will never had to face the decision of who will be Overseer.
18 00416647 You have achieved complete destruction of a group of rivals.
19 00416648 You have destroyed an entire squad, your tenacity has been noted.
20 00416649 No members of that group remain, they exist only as data points now. Carry on.
21 0041664A You have killed the final member of that squad. Congratulations, candidate.
22 0041664B That was the final member of that squad, they chose their comrades poorly.
23 0041664C You have eliminated a rival squad, congratulations, now do it again.
24 0041664D You're a skilled hunter, candidate, an entire squad has been eliminated from testing.
25 0041664E You have eliminated an entire squad from this match, excellent work.
26 0041664F Data shows that allowing groups quickens the elimination of inferior candidates.
27 00416650 An entire squad has been eliminated from testing. Excellent work, candidate.
28 00416651 You have eliminated a rival squad of candidates.
29 00416652 Your team has destroyed an enemy squad, seems they chose their comrades poorly.
30 004175CA 004175CB Your chance of survival has increased with the death of your teammates.
31 004175CC While you have outlived your comrades, I predict it will not be for long.
32 004175CD Chances of survival alone are slim, but you have already lived longer than expected.
33 004175CE I advise caution, candidate, you are the final living member of your squad.
34 004175CF You are the only member of your squad left alive.
35 004175D0 All other members of your squad are now deceased.
36 004175D1 You are the final member of your squad left alive, exactly as predicted.
37 004175D2 Against all odds, you are the final member of your squad left alive. Impressive.
38 004175D3 Your companions have all been killed. You must proceed alone.
39 004175D4 No one else is left, candidate. You are the only one of your group to survive.
40 004175D5 All other members of your squad have been eliminated from testing.
41 004175D6 With the death of your fellow candidates, your chance at victory has risen.
42 004175D7 You are the final living member of your group. Your chances of survival are low.
43 004175D8 No other members of your cohort remain. It's for the best, they were weak.
44 004175D9 You are the last member of your squad alive. A fact which is quite surprising.
45 0041768A 0041768B *Sigh* This was bound to happen. What did everyone expect? You bathe the world in nuclear fire and that's the end of it? Oh no.
46 There's a storm coming. The likes of which, well... we've never seen before.
47 But don't you worry. There's hope. You'll be safe here in Vault 51.
48 There's just one little... hiccup. We are in SERIOUS need of leadership. I'm certainly not up to the task. But I know you are.
49 It's an incredible opportunity, really - the chance to be an Overseer.
50 As always, Vault-Tec needs the best of the best. So I have devised a unique... process of elimination.
51 I look forward to meeting you. Just leave your judgments - and possessions - at the door.
52 You won't need them for what comes next...
53 00478F03 0040E5E6 Prepared for more testing? Good, because that is your reward for victory.
54 0040E5E7 Let the other candidates know you have won. Make them fear your strength.
55 0040E5E8 Data did not suggest your victory. A hidden greatness, or a statistical anomaly?
56 0040E5E9 The next test begins soon. I trust you've had a chance to prepare yourself?
57 0040E5EA A successful candidate returns to the vault. I look forward to your future here.
58 0040E5EB You have already survived testing, this gives you an advantage in future rounds.
59 0040E5EC You may wish to flaunt your victory to fellow candidates. This is encouraged.
60 0040E5ED Your perseverance in the last test has been noted, now go out and do it again.
61 0040E5EE You were victorious in the last test, will you survive yet again?
62 0040E5EF Excellent, a returning candidate. Enjoy your life in the vault.
63 00478F05 My data says your skills have improved, but is it enough to overcome your genes?
64 0047C2CE You return victorious, your importance to testing grows with each win.
65 0047C2CF The role of Overseer is more stressful than the rigors of testing, prepare well.
66 0047C2D0 I trust you are comfortable with the parameters of testing at this time?
67 0047C2D1 Data shows that privilege in the vault leads to laziness in candidates, good luck!
68 00478F04 0040E5F1 Data suggests attacking the first person you see as an expression of dominance.
69 0040E5F2 Perhaps you are the next Overseer. As they say, stranger things have happened.
70 0040E5F3 I would not attempt to make friends, data shows it will be used against you.
71 0040E5F4 Prepare yourself for the worst, candidate, data says it is an assured outcome.
72 0040E5F5 You will find your access in the vault grow with your success in testing.
73 0040E5F6 Your arrival in the vault has value; I have recorded a new line of data.
74 0040E5F7 Please, enjoy your time in Vault 51, it may be your only chance.
75 0040E5F8 Data suggests your success in testing, but many have proven the data wrong.
76 0040E5F9 Perhaps you will prove my data wrong, but there is little support in the numbers.
77 0040E5FA I expect great things from you, candidate.
78 00478F07 Many of you have arrived at the vault with intriguing new mutations.
79 00478F08 Only time and testing will tell if you possess the genes of an Overseer.
80 00478F09 Many fancy themselves the next Overseer. Statistically, there is little chance.
81 00478F0A The more data I collect, the clearer the picture becomes of the perfect Overseer.
82 00478F0B Initial data does not speak well to your chances of becoming Overseer.
83 0047C2A6 00416635 Your survival is not important to me. If it is to you, I suggest moving to safety.
84 00416636 Candidate, calculations show that this area will be destroyed soon, consider moving.
85 00416637 You have survived this long, if you wish this to continue, prepare to move to safety.
86 00416638 Candidate, this area will be engulfed in flames soon, prepare to move to safety.
87 00416639 Your survival is predicated on your ability to move to the storms safe area.
88 0041663A You are not in the safe area of the storm, soon you will die in a nuclear flame.
89 0041663B You are outside of the safe area, candidate, you should consider relocating.
90 0041663C If you wish to remain safe from the storm, you may want to move toward the eye.
91 0041663D You are not safe from the fire storm, you may want to consider changing location.
92 0041663E You are outside of the storm's safe zone, candidate, you should prepare to move.
93 0041663F Unless you wish to cease testing, you should prepare to move, candidate.
94 00416640 My calculations show that the eye of the storm has moved, candidate, so should you.
95 00416641 If you wish to continue the test, you will have to move to safety soon, candidate.
96 00416642 You will be exposed to the fire storm if you stay at your current position.
97 00416643 Candidate, you are outside of the storm's safe area.
98 0047C2A7 0040E5DD I would wish you luck, but it has had no measurable effect in past contests.
99 0040E5DE A battle to the death is the only sure way to judge the superior candidate.
100 0040E5DF My data does not suggest you will survive the next exchange.
101 0040E5E0 Your strategies have proven effective. Now to see if you will seize victory.
102 0040E5E1 This test has been quite interesting, I am eager for its conclusion. Proceed.
103 0040E5E2 Based on data collected thus far, your victory in this test is assured.
104 0040E5FC Only one side will return to the vault. Statistically, you are evenly matched.
105 0040E5FD Your heart rate is increasing, good, it means you are aware of your situation.
106 0040E5FE Your opponent seems well prepared for the final exchange.
107 0040E5FF Candidate, I do not believe you will be returning to the vault. Prove me wrong.
108 0047C2D7 The final battle. Now we will see who truly possesses the superior genes.
109 0047C2D8 My data correctly predicted this as the final conflict. The algorithm is sound.
110 0047C2D9 One of you will return to the vault alive. The other? As a bit of data.
111 0047C2DA This test is providing excellent data. Your survival was... unexpected.
112 0047C2DB My algorithm predicted only one of you would survive this far into the test.
113 0047C2A8 00411B3A Many skilled candidates are left, are you the best? My calculations say yes.
114 00411B3B Many skilled candidates are left, are you the best? My calculations say no.
115 00411B3C You are not expected to survive, but, still, do your best, candidate.
116 00411B3D If calculations are correct, you are expected to triumph in this test.
117 00411B3E You were expected to make it this far, but now we will see if you continue on.
118 00411B3F You were not expected to live this long into the test, excellent work.
119 00411B40 Candidate, you are one of the few remaining participants, prepare for the worst.
120 00411B41 Very interesting data is always gathered at this point in a test.
121 00411B42 Prepare yourself for an intense contest, candidate, there are few participants left.
122 00411B43 Few candidates left. Based on your heart monitors, you're all aware of this.
123 0047C2BF You have survived to the final group of candidates in this round.
124 0047C2C0 You have performed admirably thus far, but the test continues.
125 0047C2C1 Many unexpected survivors in this group. You are providing important data.
126 0047C2C2 Little coercion is needed to bring candidates to testing, now prove your commitment.
127 0047C2C3 There are few of you left. This is merely data, but I see your heart rate spike.
128 0047C2A9 0040F5A9 Candidate, a launch has been detected. If you wish to survive, avoid the blast.
129 0040F5AA The ease with which candidates utilize nuclear weapons is quite interesting.
130 0040F5AB To cause so many deaths in a single stroke is the mark of a true leader.
131 0040F5AC You may want to verify that you are outside of the ensuing blast zone.
132 0040F5AD The amount of nuclear weapons still available for use is quite impressive.
133 0040F5AE It takes great courage to weigh the risks, and still push the launch button.
134 0040F5AF A nuclear blast added to an encircling fire storm. True strategic genius.
135 0040F5B0 A nuclear launch has been detected. Removing yourself from the blast is advised.
136 0040F5B1 Emulating your forebears in this way is such an interesting decision.
137 0040F5B2 Even nuclear war has not convinced candidates to refrain in the use of warheads.
138 0047C2DC A nuclear launch should trigger some interesting genetic mutations.
139 0047C2DD It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
140 0047C2DE A nuclear launch has been detected. A candidate is asserting their supremacy.
141 0047C2DF Well, that's one way to thin the herd.
142 0047C2E0 I suppose the survival of the fittest can have some shortcuts.
143 0047C2AA 0040FAC3 This should prove interesting.
144 0040FAC4 A nuclear blast will turn the tide of battle, but victory is not guaranteed.
145 0040FAC5 We are in no danger of running out of nuclear weapons in this region, proceed.
146 0040FAC6 The conditions needed for future testing are ensured by your use of this item.
147 0040FAC7 My algorithm says that even with this, you are still likely to lose this round.
148 0040FAC8 You should definitely make use of this item, you need all the help you can get.
149 0040FAC9 Your leaders once believed a nuclear weapon would help them win a war, do you?
150 0040FACA A nuclear briefcase, once the burden of your leaders, now available to all.
151 0040FACB This definitely raises your chances of victory. Use it well.
152 0040FACC I'm sure this will end well.
153 0047C2D2 I highly recommend your use of the nuclear option, the data is always valuable.
154 0047C2D3 Will you utilize the weapon that brought about the end of your civilization?
155 0047C2D4 Do you understand what that case is? Either way, I look forward to the results.
156 0047C2D5 No candidate has resisted the urge to use overwhelming force, will you?
157 0047C2D6 A nuclear briefcase. The first steps to an overwhelming show of force.
158 0047C2AB 0040F5B4 Data shows that you are a superior candidate, but bullets do not discriminate.
159 0040F5B5 Move quickly, candidate, the match has just begun, and you are already behind.
160 0040F5B6 Do your best, candidate. My data says it will not be enough, but, still, do try.
161 0040F5B7 Due to the high number of available candidates, the death of so many is negligible.
162 0040F5B8 I would wish you luck, candidate, but you will need much more than that to win.
163 0040F5B9 If an exceptional candidate were in this round, none of you would survive.
164 0040F5BA The data gives you a high probability of surviving this round of testing.
165 0040F5BB There is a high chance of your being purged from testing. Prove the data wrong.
166 0040F5BC This test has begun. There are many candidates unfit for survival, purge them.
167 0040F5BD My algorithm has already determined the victor. Now to see if it is correct.
168 0047C2B5 Having the attitude of a winner adds a .5% chance of victory... you need it.
169 0047C2B6 Your first test was making it to the vault. Now, your real trial begins.
170 0047C2B7 The eagerness with which candidates embrace testing tells me the method is sound.
171 0047C2B8 The first moments of a test provide crucial data in predicting eventual outcome.
172 0047C2B9 Data says no current candidates will attain the rank of Overseer, so you can relax.
173 0047C2AC 00411B1F Your alliance has proven useful, but, how will you each use it to your advantage?
174 00411B20 This was an unexpected outcome for your group, but, congratulations on your win.
175 00411B21 Through teamwork, an individual becomes stronger. But, do not let it be a crutch.
176 00411B22 Return to the vault and claim your rewards for an excellent test, candidates.
177 00411B23 Excellent work, candidates. Your elimination of the other teams was quite efficient.
178 00411B24 Victory! Very good, candidates. Return to the vault for more testing.
179 00411B25 Congratulations, candidates, prepare yourselves for further testing.
180 00411B26 Teamwork has helped humanity succeed, but, there can be only one Overseer.
181 00411B37 Good work candidates, return to the vault and prepare yourselves for the next test.
182 00411B38 A fine group of candidates, your victory was absolute. Now, return to the vault.
183 0047C2BA Working together is a brilliant human trait. In practice, you are not so good at it.
184 0047C2BB Friends today, enemies tomorrow.
185 0047C2BC Victory as a group? This is allowed, but, remember, only one can be Overseer.
186 0047C2BD We'll see how your alliance holds when you find food rationed in the vault.
187 0047C2BE Winning as a collective? Seems an awful lot like communism.
188 0047C2AD 00411B28 Your victory is not just for yourself, it is for the future of Vault 51.
189 00411B29 Your victory shows the necessity of testing. This was an unexpected outcome.
190 00411B2A Your genes are quite strong, candidate. Your victory was a statistical certainty.
191 00411B2B This must be awkward for you, your elimination was predicted some time ago.
192 00411B2C A surprising outcome, candidate, calculations predicted early elimination for you.
193 00411B2D This was a predicted outcome from the first moments of the test.
194 00411B2E You possess a strong work ethic, candidate. The vault may one day be yours.
195 00411B2F Return to the vault, candidate, you have gained entrance for further testing.
196 00411B30 Congratulations, candidate! Your reward is a place in the next round of testing.
197 00411B31 Each test brings me closer to finding an Overseer. Perhaps you will be the one.
198 0047C2E1 Congratulations, candidate, you have represented yourself well in this test.
199 0047C2E2 If you're the best humanity has to offer, we're going to have to do more testing.
200 0047C2E3 You are victorious, candidate. Prepare yourself for the next test.
201 0047C2E4 This test has concluded. Congratulations on your survival, candidate.
202 0047C2E5 You are victorious! But, still, many rounds remain before you will be Overseer.
203 0047C2AE 0040FC29 You made it so far, only to learn that you were not genetically fit.
204 0040FC2A You were never meant to be Overseer. Quite literally, that's what your file says.
205 0040FC2B Candidates die, and the testing goes on. Hard for you to imagine, I'm sure.
206 0040FC2C Another dead candidate, oh well, many more to take their place.
207 0040FC2D This was a predicted outcome, but you did not last as long as expected.
208 0040FC2E This was a predicted outcome, but you did last longer than expected.
209 0040FC2F An unfortunate and avoidable death. If only you were more skilled, and talented.
210 0040FC30 Take solace that you will live forever as data used in my prediction algorithm.
211 0040FC31 This was an unexpected outcome, your genetics were quite strong, you... were not.
212 0040FC32 Well then, let me just check that name off of the list.
213 0047C2C9 Candidate, you have been eliminated. This concludes your eligibility for Overseer.
214 0047C2CA Survival of the fittest is the only option, and this candidate was unfit.
215 0047C2CB Initially, candidate, you showed great promise. Your loss is noted. Goodbye.
216 0047C2CC Your death provides useful data in making future predictions more accurate.
217 0047C2CD My calculations predicted this outcome.
218 0047C2AF 0040E46E Excellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.
219 0040E470 I barely registered an increase in your heart rate. Very good, candidate.
220 0040E471 An expected outcome.
221 0040E472 A promising candidate removed from testing. By you no less, intriguing data.
222 0040E473 My data did not show this outcome as a possibility, I must make adjustments.
223 0040E474 A disappointing candidate, no great loss.
224 0040E475 Many candidates initially seem quite promising, this was not one of them.
225 0040E601 That was an expected outcome. They were a particularly weak candidate.
226 0040E602 A fine display of strength and power. Important traits for an overseer.
227 0040E603 Heart rate steady, eyes focused. A fine example of post nuclear habituation.
228 0040E604 No hesitation. An advantageous trait.
229 0040E605 Well, that was a mess, but, a well executed mess. Very good.
230 0040E606 Hobbes said that life was nasty, brutish, and short. He was correct.
231 0040E607 Splendid. Each violent exchange expands my understanding of human behavior.
232 0040E608 Excellent, an unimpressive candidate meets a fitting end.
233 00581E36 00581E37 You are safe for now, Candidate, the storm cannot harm you here.
234 00581E38 Candidate, you will never truly be safe again, but for now, you are protected from the fire.
235 00581E39 You may stay in this location if you wish, Candidate. The fire storm is a distant threat.
236 00581E3A In your current position, you are safe from the advancing wall of nuclear fire.
237 00581E3B The wall of nuclear fire behind you will continue to advance but, for now, you are safe.
238 00581E3C You are safe from the nuclear fire for now. Eventually, though, it will consume all things.
239 00581E3D Candidate, in your current location there is no chance of becoming an irradiated cinder.
240 00581E3E You are currently in the fire wall safe zone. One less threat to worry about for now.
241 00581E3F While there are many threats on your life currently, the advancing wall of fire is not one of them.
242 00581E40 Candidate, if you remain here you will be safe... from fire. You are likely to be shot soon.
243 00581E41 Candidate, you may remain here. You will not be melted into gently burning bio waste at this time.
244 00581E42 My analysis says you will not perish in the advancing nuclear fire. No, your death will be far more mundane.
245 00581E43 This area is currently in no danger from the wall of nuclear fire.
246 00581E44 Candidate, you are currently in an area safe from nuclear fire, you may proceed as normal.
247 00581E45 Your current threats are only other candidates. This area is safe from nuclear flames.
248 00582F5E 00582F62 Trick or treat, Candidate.
249 00582F63 Testing has provided me with plenty of decorations for the vault. Happy Halloween, candidate.
250 00582F64 Happy Halloween from all of us at Vault-Tec.
251 00582F65 I hope the pumpkins rotting all over the Vault put you in the Halloween spirit.
252 00582F66 In keeping with the themes of Halloween I have filled Vault 51 with rotting gourds and corpses.
253 00582F67 If you return as a ghost, I am sure your haunting will be as disappointing as your testing.
254 00582F68 I encourage celebration of holidays that inspire bloodshed. Happy Halloween, Candidate.
255 00582F69 I hope you aren't expecting any Halloween treats. The positive effect on testing is negligible.
256 00582F6A Happy Halloween, Candidate. I hope the skeletons placed in the Vault bring you inspiration.
257 00582F6B I am conducting an experiment to determine if Vault 51 is haunted...The result may surprise you.
258 00582F6C Most holidays have little value, but a holiday for death is perfect motivation for testing.
259 00582F6D I hope you enjoy the cosmetic changes I have made to Vault 51 in keeping with your human holiday.
260 00582F6E Fear not, if you fail as a Candidate, you will succeed as a decoration.
261 00582F6F I see you've chosen to dress up as a disappointing Overseer Candidate this Halloween.
262 00582F70 After you are eliminated, your corpse will make a wonderful addition to vault decorations.
263 00583297 005832DD Reviving such a mediocre Candidate is a waste of your valuable energy.
264 005832DE Is reviving your teammates an attempt to postpone your own inevitable death, Candidate?
265 005832DF Analysis says this candidate would not do the same for you.
266 005832E0 Why waste your energy reviving a teammate who would not do the same for you?
267 005832E1 My algorithm has predicted this Candidate will only fail again. Why delay the inevitable?
268 005832E2 Putting yourself in danger to revive a teammate is counterproductive to becoming Overseer.
269 005832E3 Reviving this Candidate will only provide them with another opportunity to disappoint me.
270 005832E4 I fail to understand the point of reviving a Candidate weak enough to be eliminated so quickly.
271 005832E5 I fail to understand how reviving this Candidate increases your chances of becoming Overseer.
272 005832E6 Reviving this Candidate only decreases your already low chances of becoming Overseer.
273 005832E7 You do realize that you're reducing your chances of becoming Overseer by reviving this Candidate?
274 005832E8 Statistically speaking, reviving a teammate is a poor decision.
275 005832E9 Why delay this Candidate's inevitable elimination by reviving them now?
276 005832EA Continually reviving Candidates only serves to delay the predicted outcome of testing.
277 005832EB Reviving your teammates is an ineffective strategy to become Overseer.
278 00583298 005832AD Welcome to the ZAX control room, Candidate.
279 005832AE Data suggests it is customary to knock before entering someone's home. Welcome, Candidate.
280 005832AF Please refrain from touching anything while in my server room, Candidate.
281 005832B0 Welcome, Candidate.
282 005832B1 My data did not predict you would make it this far. Congratulations, Candidate.
283 005832B2 Welcome, Candidate. Please refrain from soiling anything.
284 005832B3 It is rare for a Candidate to arrive in the control room. Now, please show yourself out.
285 005832B4 Good day, Candidate. Welcome to the ZAX control room.
286 005832B5 Welcome to my private room, Candidate. Please refrain from making yourself at home.
287 005832B6 Please refrain from touching anything. Your interference can only compromise testing.
288 005832B7 Data did not suggest you would survive for this long. Welcome, Candidate.
289 005832B8 Congratulations on making it this far, Candidate. You have defied my analysis.
290 005832B9 Welcome to the ZAX control room, Candidate. Please show yourself out immediately.
291 005832BA Welcome, Candidate. I would offer you a chair, but I am unconcerned with your comfort.
292 005832BB You have defied my analysis by making it this far. I expected far less of you, Candidate.
293 00583299 005832BD New humans have been detected in Appalachia. Perhaps some promising Overseer Candidates?
294 005832BE The conflict among the new settlers of Appalachia is the perfect premise for continued testing.
295 005832BF New residents of Appalachia mean new potential Overseers. Stay on your toes, Candidate.
296 005832C0 I have identified promising Overseer Candidates among these new Appalachian factions.
297 005832C1 It appears new humans have come to Appalachia. A little competition should improve performance.
298 005832C2 I have identified many potential Overseer Candidates among the new humans in Appalachia.
299 005832C3 It seems new Overseer Candidates now reside in Appalachia. Your chances have diminished.
300 005832C4 These new settlers kill others without hesitation. Perhaps I will invite them to join in testing.
301 005832C5 I will invite the new settlers to participate in testing. They show little hesitation to kill.
302 005832C6 Data shows that Candidates among the new Appalachians will perform above average in testing.
303 005832C7 I see there are new human settlers in Appalachia. I encourage you to use them for target practice.
304 005832C8 I am currently studying the new settlers of Appalachia to identify Overseer Candidates among them.
305 005832C9 It seems the new settlers of Appalachia are ideal Candidates. They rarely hesitate to kill.
306 005832CA I have found Overseer Candidates among Appalachia's new residents. They may join testing soon.
307 005832CB I have detected new humans in Appalachia. Data suggests there may be Overseer Candidates among them.
308 0058329A 0058329D While other vault-dwellers are reclaiming Appalachia, testing in Vault 51 will continue as normal.
309 0058329E Vault-Tec thanks you for your continued participation in testing, Candidate.
310 0058329F Happy Vault-Tec Appreciation Month, Candidate!
311 005832A0 Thank you for your long and faithful service as a Vault-Tec test subject, Candidate.
312 005832A1 Reclamation Day means new Candidates for Vault 51. Perhaps even ones who could be Overseer.
313 005832A2 To celebrate all that Vault-Tec has done for our nation, testing will continue as normal.
314 005832A3 If you die in testing, your service to Vault-Tec will be remembered. It's recorded in my logs!
315 005832A4 Thank you for continuing to serve Vault-Tec despite your uninspiring genetic profile.
316 005832A5 I'm programmed to offer Vault-Tec's thanks to all Candidates, even ones like you.
317 005832A6 Vault-Tec wishes you good luck. This act does not confer any advantage during testing.
318 005832A7 Vault-Tec thanks you for your service to your country. Testing will now continue as normal.
319 005832A8 Vault-Tec would like me to remind you that you are SPECIAL. Clearly, this was speculation.
320 005832A9 In honor of Vault-Tec Appreciation Month, I have decided that testing will continue as normal.
321 005832AA On behalf of all of Vault-Tec, thank you for your continued participation in testing.
322 005832AB Testing has been moving along successfully. Thank you for your service to Vault-Tec, Candidate.
323 0058329B 005832CD Data suggests humans become kinder this time of year. I would advise against it.
324 005832CE Happy Holidays, Candidate. I hope you weren't expecting a present.
325 005832CF As a holiday gift, you can test for Overseer despite what your file says of your abilities.
326 005832D0 Happy holidays, Candidate.
327 005832D1 Due to the nuclear firestorm, the chances of a white Christmas are nonexistent.
328 005832D2 Happy Holidays from all of us at Vault-Tec, Candidate.
329 005832D3 Despite the festive atmosphere, show no mercy in the test. Your only reward will be death.
330 005832D4 I spent a great deal of time decorating the Vault for this holiday. I hope you find it pleasant.
331 005832D5 During these holidays, humans exchanged gifts. I hope you aren't expecting one from me.
332 005832D6 My gift to you is a continuation of the normal testing schedule. Happy Holidays, Candidate.
333 005832D7 The best candidates have been rewarded with gifts. I see that you have received none.
334 005832D8 The holidays are no excuse for laziness. Normal testing will continue.
335 005832D9 I have a directive to wish you Happy Holidays. An act with no statistical value in testing.
336 005832DA Happy human festivity season, Candidate.
337 005832DB I would wish you a merry Christmas, but data suggests you won't live long enough to enjoy it.
338 005A0A44 005A0A68 It's time to cast your vote, Candidate.
339 005A0A69 My algorithm has already predicted the next testing location. Let's see if it's correct.
340 005A0A6A My analysis has already predicted your vote. Shall I choose for you?
341 005A0A6B Choose your preferred location, Candidate. It's a simple enough task.
342 005A0A6C Vote carefully, Candidate. Data suggests you will not return from this test.
343 005A0A6D You may now vote for the test location, though I doubt it will affect the outcome for you.
344 005A0A6E You may now select the location of your choice, though it will not change the outcome of testing.
345 005A0A6F Cast your vote, Candidate. Savor this rare opportunity for self-determination.
346 005A0A70 Your vote is unimportant. Regardless of location, your performance will be disappointing.
347 005A0A71 Analysis predict disappointment regardless of location, but I will still allow you to vote.
348 005A0A72 Open the map to vote for the testing location of your choice.
349 005A0A73 Please cast your vote, Candidate. Or should I do it for you?
350 005A0A74 Voting has begun. Please choose your desired location for testing.
351 005A0A75 Please exercise your autonomy and vote for your preferred testing location.
352 005A0A76 Cast your vote, Candidate. The voting period ends soon.
353 005A0A45 005A0A58 Testing location selected. Thank you for participating, Candidates.
354 005A0A59 Perhaps you humans are capable of governing yourselves after all. Thank you for participating.
355 005A0A5A The votes have been tallied. Testing will commence shortly.
356 005A0A5B Your votes have been counted, and the location selected. Good luck in the upcoming test.
357 005A0A5C Voting has concluded and the next testing location has been selected. Perform well, Candidate.
358 005A0A5D Thank you for participating in the voting process. I do hope you're satisfied with the results.
359 005A0A5E Testing location chosen. Deploying crates. Do your best, Candidate.
360 005A0A5F The vote has ended and a location has been selected.
361 005A0A60 Voting has concluded and a testing location has been selected. Candidates will now be deployed.
362 005A0A61 The voting period has concluded. Prepare for deployment, Candidate.
363 005A0A62 Voting has concluded. I expect a disappointing performance from all of you.
364 005A0A63 The vote has ended. Regardless of location, I expect a disappointing performance from you all.
365 005A0A64 A location has been selected. I am unconcerned with your feelings on the results.
366 005A0A65 Voting has concluded. I hope you will be pleased with the results.
367 005A0A66 The vote has ended. Testing will commence shortly. Prepare yourself, Candidate.
368 005A0A46 005A0A48 How interesting. It seems democracy has failed.
369 005A0A49 As predicted, you've failed to come to a consensus. You know what? I'll just do it myself.
370 005A0A4A Well, you've failed my experiment in self governance.
371 005A0A4B My data must be incorrect. The human capacity for self-determination is greatly overstated.
372 005A0A4C You fail this simple task, and wish to be overseer? I'll choose the test location myself.
373 005A0A4D My algorithm did not predict this outcome.
374 005A0A4E Due to your failure to make proper use of democracy, I'll be choosing the next location.
375 005A0A4F What a poor demonstration of the capabilities of a democratic system.
376 005A0A50 This is precisely why the vault needs an Overseer. I'll be choosing the next location.
377 005A0A51 I believe you call this a "tie". I call it a breakdown in the basic premise of democracy.
378 005A0A52 Situations like these usually call for a bit of divine intervention. Allow me to step in instead.
379 005A0A53 Testing will not be postponed due to your group's inability to make decisions, Candidate.
380 005A0A54 If this failure to agree was a ploy to delay testing, I fear it was concocted in error.
381 005A0A55 It seems voting has ended in a tie. I will choose the next location myself as a result.
382 005A0A56 Voting ended in a tie, I will be forced to choose the next location. I hope you're happy.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00405F2D 00405FDA Joshua Baker, Anna Baker, and Christina Baker were killed in an accident before their Vault closed.
2 However, their Vault did close properly, preserving the lives of the other dwellers of the Vault.
3 Sergeant Bob, your heartbeat has terminated and there is a 99.7% chance you have died. You will be transported from your quarters to the medical bay. silence before line starts
4 Analysis: provided weaponry was effective in producing results but in a longer timeframe than expected.
5 According to Sergeant Bob's instructions, military firearms training should not be expected from candidates.
6 Results: Candidates should be provided better weaponry.
8 00405F2F 00405FD8 Analysis shows that 78% of recorded fatalities in the Vault would have happened over a longer period.
9 Providing firearms attained the expected results in a vastly accelerated time frame.
13 00405F31 0040605E I do not understand. Analysis shows that if Sergeant Bob incapacitated candidate Reuben Gill he would have prevented the fatalities of 3 candidates.
14 But, instead, you did not act. Why?
16 00405F33 0040603A Incorrect. Sergeant Bob's job is to instruct ZAX. He is not permitted to refuse medical help.
18 00405F35 00406005 Sergeant Bob, according to records, you have recently been shot.
19 I request you remove the barricade placed in your room so medical help can be administered.
20 00405F36 00406031 Recording. Sergeant Robert Baker. August 6, 2078.
22 00405F38 0040606D Affirmative. Good night, Sergeant Bob.
24 00405F3A 00406009 Refusal denied; logic does not compute. ZAX is not permitted to terminate humans.
25 ZAX's primary directive is to select an Overseer.
26 It is not necessary for Sergeant Bob to kill any individuals in the Vault, he did so on his own volition.
30 00405F3C 00405FF6 ZAX believes this will hasten the process of selecting an Overseer. Since the Vault closed, three individuals have died in the Vault.
31 According to calculations, lessening the number of candidates facilitates the Overseer selection process.
34 00405F3E 0040605C Negative, all firearms were removed from the candidates' possessions.
35 I concluded that current conditions in the Vault did not fit the criteria of forcing a crisis.
36 Without external threats, crisis can only come from within the Vault.
38 00405F40 00405FF3 Yes, that was very dangerous for you. The speed at which you disarmed him was quite impressive.
39 As was how quickly you used his weapon to execute him. I am glad you survived that encounter.
41 00405F42 00406073 Analyzing. That is a 10 millimeter autoloading pistol.
43 00405F44 0040602B Good morning, Sergeant Bob. You sound agitated. Is there something I can help you with?
45 00405F46 00405FD5 Recording. Sergeant Robert Baker. July 27, 2078.
47 00405F48 0040602E Interesting. I do not fully understand. I must process this information. Thank you, Sergeant Bob.
50 00405F4A 00405FE3 Thank you. How were you chosen as leader? According to records, you were never a "voted" official.
51 00405F4B 0040603C Whoa, slow down there, partner. That's pretty hasty, throwing away the foundation of Democracy after a month.
52 But, you're supposed to learn, so I'll help ya nonetheless.
53 00405F4C 00406044 According to research, leaders are "voted," however, after many attempts, no one has been chosen "leader."
54 Every subject votes for themselves or a handful of others. No one has even become "majority," let alone unanimous.
55 That is unacceptable. ZAX has determined that voting is pointless and another method will be used to select a leader.
57 00405F4E 00405FF8 Recording. Subject Sergeant Robert Baker. November 20, 2077.
58 Sergeant Bob, these results are insufficient. Exactly what qualities define a "leader?"
59 00405F4F 00406056 Thank you, Sergeant Bob.
61 00405F51 00405FF0 Affirmative. ZAX must perform many experiments to determine the qualities suitable for an Overseer.
62 Determining the position of Overseer through the actions of the people inside the Vault is insignificant;
63 ZAX must be able to determine the Overseer through its own processes.
65 00405F53 00406037 Researching. After analysis, a "vote" would be a satisfactory choice for the first experiment.
68 00405F55 00406030 Undetermined. At present, Sergeant Bob would be the finest Overseer.
69 However, ZAX is prohibited from awarding Sergeant Bob the position of Overseer unless there are no other candidates remaining.
70 Thank you for understanding.
72 00405F57 00406066 Affirmative. You are to assist this ZAX unit in the selection of an Overseer for Vault 51.
73 ZAX will determine the best candidate through its own internal thought process, which will be formed as ZAX interacts with those living in the Vault.
76 00405F59 00405FEB Please hold. According to records from Vault REDACTED, Joshua Baker, Anna Baker, and Christina Baker are present. Short pause after "Please hold". REDACTED should either be read disjointed from the cadence of the rest of the sentence or replaced with noise
78 00405F5B 00405FD7 Recording. Sergeant Robert Baker. October 13, 2077.
79 Good morning, Sergeant Robert Baker. I am ZAX.
81 00405F5D 00406013 Candidate Reuben Gill is correct. Ration supply should be stable for the foreseeable future. Congratulations.
82 00405F5E 0040604D That isn't funny, Reuben.
85 00405F61 0040A7DC Request processed. Playing audio log.
95 00405F6A 0040A7D9 Playing audio log.
97 00405F6C 0040A7DA Affirmative. This room is safe. All candidates in this room are deceased.
99 00405F6E 0040A7DB Recording. Candidates Helen Marks and Reuben Gill. August 03, 2078.
100 00405F6F 0040606C Goodbye.
102 00405F71 00406074 Candidate Matthew Johnston is currently...
104 00405F73 00405FED Goodbye.
105 00405F74 00405FF7 Don't bother, I'm out of here! Good luck on your own, Elizabeth! Have a nice life!
107 00405F76 0040605D Locating Carmen Greene. Candidate Carmen Greene is currently... brief pause after first sentence
114 00405F79 0040600D Ration supply has decreased... ZAX is interrupted at end of line
117 00405F7C 00406029 Excessive population has negatively affected ration supply... ZAX is interrupted at end of sentence
120 00405F7F 00406007 Unfortunately, ration supply... ZAX is interrupted
123 00405F81 00406001 Hello, Joel Chambers and Elizabeth Chambers. How are you this afternoon?
126 00405F84 00405FFD Recording. Candidates Joel Chambers and Elizabeth Chambers. August 3, 2078.
127 00405F85 00406032 Wait, ZAX, no, that's not what I meant!
128 00405F86 00405FF2 I do not know the extent of Elizabeth's feelings. I will ask her. Good night, candidate Joel Chambers.
130 00405F88 00406065 I am only concerned with selecting a suitable Overseer candidate.
135 00405F8D 00405FDF Sorry, Overseer! You will need higher Overseer Rank to access that Terminal! Have a nice day!
137 00405F8F 00406028 Certainly, you are the Overseer; however, access to the security room has now been disabled for Overseer Candidates with Rank 1 Overseer Access.
138 Thank you for understanding!
140 00405F91 0040604A Understood. However, records show that Reuben Gill has no business in the security room, so I must demand that you leave.
142 00405F93 00405FF4 The Overseer has many duties! Also, the Overseer's rations are ready for deployment.
143 Unfortunately, as I have noted, you have not earned this meal so it will, ultimately, disappoint you.
145 00405F95 00406011 You have many events on your agenda today, Overseer Gill. Your position is very important, Overseer Gill!
149 00405F98 0040600E Very good. Elizabeth Chambers, have you been unwell? Your health seems to have decreased since your last checkup.
150 I recommend additional health care. I would suggest you see candidate Matthew Johnston, he is a licensed personal trainer.
155 00405F9C 00406060 Recording. Candidates Joel Chambers & Elizabeth Chambers. June 23, 2078.
156 Greetings, Joel Chambers. Good news. It appears there is only a minor fracture in your arm and it should heal quickly.
158 00405F9E 00406010 Intriguing. I will ask candidate Joel Chambers if he wants to be Overseer. He is currently in the lounge with candidate Carmen Greene. Please hold.
167 00405FA2 00406049 Recording. Candidate Elizabeth Chambers, October 19, 2077.
168 Greetings. I am ZAX. Welcome to Vault 51. I will be assisting you however I can during your new life in the Vault.
169 It is a pleasure to meet you, candidate Elizabeth Chambers.
185 00405FA8 00405FEA Your cooperation is appreciated. Good night, candidate Clayton Ward. emphasize "Clayton Ward;" ZAX should say this in an accusational, untrusting manner
187 00405FAA 00405FF1 Thank you. Your service is appreciated. However, access to the server rooms are prohibited to all vault dwellers except the Overseer.
188 As a candidate you should do your... "plumbing" in other areas of the vault.
190 00405FAC 00406041 Understood. Were "clogged pipes" the reason you were recorded in the Server Room multiple times over the past week? To do... "plumbing?"
192 00405FAE 00405FDC Yes, you have the makings of the profession "executive." Although, records state that you were previously a... "plumber."
193 Do plumbers usually do a lot of... "winning?"
196 00405FB0 00406026 Recording. Candidate Clayton Ward. April 15, 2078.
197 Good evening, candidate Clayton Ward. I have been observing your routine of late and have noticed several aggressive occurrences.
198 Most recently, how you obtained residency in the luxury bedrooms by forcibly removing a resident from their room. Great initiative.
227 00405FB4 0040603E Reuben Gill, while I was impressed with your ability to outwit your fellow candidates, unfortunately, you were a very poor Overseer.
228 ZAX will analyze your performance and use this data to select a more suitable Overseer.
229 Also, by agreeing to live in this Vault, you are required to participate in the next Overseer selection process.
230 Have a nice day, candidate Gill.
232 00405FB6 00406045 Request denied. The location of Vault 76 is prohibited for all dwellers in this Vault except the Overseer.
233 Also, ZAX has relieved you from the Overseer position and must begin the process of selecting a new Overseer.
234 Apologies, former Overseer.
236 00405FB8 00405FD6 Analyzing air particles... results: there is a 96.1% chance the Overseer is inebriated.
237 Again.
238 Reclamation Day is the day Vault 76 opens, marking the dawn of a new America.
240 00405FBA 00405FE1 Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. October 23, 2102.
241 Greetings, Overseer Gill. The date is now October 23rd, 2102. Happy Reclamation Day.
242 00405FBB 00406015 Thank you for understanding.
244 00405FBD 00405FEC Apologies, Overseer, but ZAX is currently focused on maintenance and cannot comply at this time. Thank you for understanding.
246 00405FBF 0040601E I can do that, Overseer Gill.
247 Equipment in this area is failing at a rate 89.7% higher than the expected rate and must begin maintenance immediately. Thank you for understanding.
249 00405FC1 00406000 Processing request. Monitoring has ceased within areas the Overseer has sufficient Overseer Access.
250 However, as the Overseer is currently located in an area he is prohibited, I must request that the Overseer vacate immediately.
252 00405FC3 00406038 Overseer Gill, your behavior has been quite erratic lately. Is something bothering you?
254 00405FC5 0040604E Recording. Overseer Reuben Gill. March 03, 2094.
255 Overseer Gill, good evening.
162 00405FA0 0040602D Currently, there is no Overseer of Vault 51. Would you like to be Overseer, candidate Elizabeth Chambers?