Officially called the "Z43-521P" by silly engineers, we prefer to call this little scrapper by its true nickname, the "Green Bean." After all, which would you prefer in your backyard garden - a smoldering Z43-521P, or a green bean?* One sounds like it belongs if mentioned on the news, and make news it did... featuring REPCONN's plasma engine, it was soooo newsworthy that we decided to take the Quantum Matter Modulation unit out and see if we could use it for non-explosive uses.— Description on the plaque

The Z43-521P rocket (nicknamed Green Bean) is a REPCONN Aerospace rocket. Its plasma engine formed the basis for the later development of the Q-35 matter modulator and a new line of plasma rifles.



A rocket of this type is mentioned and its model appear in Fallout: New Vegas.

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