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Spending a lot of hours getting the Vera Keyes hologram looking right. I'm a physicist, not a sculptor - iterating on her facial features and her dress to match Sinclair's expectations... it's about enough to make me file a complaint. I don't get the sense Sinclair's doing this out of love or well, lust.— Z-38 lightwave dynamics research terminal entry

The Z-38 lightwave dynamics research is a location in the western part of Big MT in 2281. It is located southwest of the Z-43 innovative toxins plant.


This place was at one time involved with a hologram project for the Sierra Madre Casino & Resort. The project's completion was delayed when the holograms had to be equipped with defensive capabilities, on request of Frederick Sinclair.[1] It was also Sinclair who ordered a flawless hologram of Vera Keyes to be created.[2] Two non-hostile holograms remain in the facility.


A small, two-story building, which can be accessed by two entrances. The main entrance is located on the eastern side of the building, slightly elevated at the end of some concrete stairs. The backdoor entrance can be reached via a set of metal stairs, which can be found on the building's southern side.

The first floor has a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine near the entrance, as well as several desks across the room. One of the desks in the center has a terminal on it. Another desk near the southern wall has a photograph of Vera Keyes. A blueish column of light can be found in the center of the room, and a tool cabinet is located behind it, near the western wall.

A set of stairs on the southern wall, near the vending machine, leads up to the second floor, which consists of multiple catwalks holding machinery. The backdoor entrance is located at the western wall. The dead end has a toolbox, as well as two scrap electronics and one roll of duct tape.

Notable loot

  • Valence radii-accentuator - Located in a column of light in the middle of the first floor. It can be difficult to see.
  • Recipes - Energy Weapons skill book - Located underneath the monitor at the top of the first flight of stairs to the right, in the northwest corner.
  • Five Proton throwing axes - Three located in the southwest corner of the upstairs platform, and two in a dumpster behind the building.
  • Five plasma grenades - Located in the same dumpster as the proton throwing axes, behind the building.


  • The exterior is guarded by lobotomites and a pack of night stalkers.
  • Upon walking into the big light beam, control of the player character will be lost. They will stumble around and the screen will turn to black. Twelve hours will pass when in the light before regaining control. In Hardcore mode, the passing of time will affect dehydration, sleep, and hunger. Stepping into the light beam repeatedly can efficiently pass long periods of time.


Z-38 lightwave dynamics research appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.