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This is a transcript for dialogue with Ymir (Fallout 3).


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Haha! Hello! I am Ymir! 1
GREETING Happy 50 Haha! Good to see you again, little man! Have you come to drink with me? 2
GREETING Happy 50 Haha! Good to see you again, little girl! Have you come to drink with me? 3
PFYmir Where do you come from? Neutral 50 Does it matter? It only matters where I am, and that is here. 4
Neutral 50 I have my boy, my friends, plenty of caps, and strong drink! 5
Neutral 50 Why would the past matter when now is so good? 6
PFYmirBartender Why did you kill that bartender? Anger 50 He put water in my vodka to make more caps from me. Make the drink weak and try to charge me more! 7
Happy 100 Maybe the next bartender, he won't be so stupid, eh? HAHAHAHAHAHA! 8


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Come back when you are ready to drink, little man. 9
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Come back when you are ready to drink, little girl. 10
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 <growls> 11
HELLO Neutral 50 <growls> 12
HELLO Neutral 50 You're so... small... 13
HELLO Neutral 50 <belches> 14
HELLO Neutral 50 Come here, Carolina, I have something that I'm wondering about. 15
HELLO Neutral 50 Red, I wanna ask you something. 16
HELLO Neutral 50 Look at you, my boy! Fit as ever! You're as big as a tank! I always tell them, I say "My Jotun, he could lift a house!" 17
HELLO Neutral 50 Haha! My boy! He is so big! Look at him! He could carry four slaves under his arms! He doesn't even need a gun to take them! 18
PFFFBarScene1 PFFFBarScene1 Neutral 50 This is last time I tell you! No more! 19
PFFFBarScene3 PFFFBarScene3 Neutral 50 This is your last mistake, little bartender! 20
PFTalkCarolinaRedYmir2 PFTalkCarolinaRedYmir2 Neutral 50 I am always friendly and yet, you are always... well... kind of a bitch? 21
PFTalkCarolinaRedYmir2 Neutral 50 Why are you always so mean? All I ever am is nice to you, but it's always "Ymir go away, you smell" or "Ymir, get me a drink and then go away". 22
PFTalkCarolinaRedYmir4 PFTalkCarolinaRedYmir4 Neutral 50 Ah, Red! this is why I like you! Always making jokes! You want a drink? 23
PFTalkCarolinaRedYmir4 Neutral 50 See? This is what I mean. But you know what they say about mean women? Sooner or later, someone will accidentally shoot them while on a mission. 24
PFTalkHiResponse1 PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 I see you later in the barracks. 25
PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 You act like we're strangers? 26
PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 Hel- <belches> ... hello! ... whew... 27
PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 Don't mess with me, or you'll end up like Frank! Hahahaha! 28
PFTalkHiResponse1 Neutral 50 Hahaha! You owe me a drink! 29
PFTalkJotunYmir2 PFTalkJotunYmir2 Neutral 50 Bah! You are my son! Be proud! You collect more slaves than anyone, brag for once in your life! 30
PFTalkJotunYmir2 Neutral 50 I do not care! Let them see that I am proud of my boy! You have nothing to be ashamed of, Jotun! 31
PFTalkJotunYmir4 PFTalkJotunYmir4 Neutral 50 I swear, boy, you are going to be the greatest Slaver that ever lived! 32
PFTalkJotunYmir4 Neutral 50 Haha! Good enough for me, boy! Good enough for me! 33
PFTalkYmirCarolinaRed1 PFTalkYmirCarolinaRed1 Neutral 50 That's my boy! Just like his dad! Hearty and full of life! Haha! 34
PFTalkYmirCarolinaRed1 Neutral 50 Wasn't he, though! I am proud of him! You'd swear he was a professional drunk, just like his dad! 35
PFTalkYmirCarolinaRed3 PFTalkYmirCarolinaRed3 Neutral 50 I know! He's the best son a Slaver could ever want! {Missing the joke.} 36
PFTalkYmirCarolinaRed3 Neutral 50 Exactly! Haha! {Missing the joke.} 37
PFTalkYmirJotun1 PFTalkYmirJotun1 Neutral 50 What is it, my boy? 38
PFTalkYmirJotun3 PFTalkYmirJotun3 Neutral 50 Ha! I think I will. And that is why you are the best boy a Slaver could ever ask for. 39
PFTalkYmirSlaverDrink1 PFTalkYmirSlaverDrink1 Neutral 50 I'll get Frank to pour us a few cold ones! HAHAHA! Hey Frank! Two drinks over here! HAHAHAHA! 40
PFTalkYmirSlaverDrink1 Neutral 50 Better yet, how about five? 41
PFTalkYmirSlaverDrink1 Neutral 50 Do I ever say no? 42
PFTalkYmirSlaverDrink1 Neutral 50 Only if you're buying! 43
PFTalkYmirSlaverDrink1 Neutral 50 ALWAYS! 44