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For an overview of Nuka-Cola soda in the Fallout series of games, see Nuka-Cola.
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A little known flavor of Nuka-Cola which is only available from the "crazy naked man". It has an "interesting" bouquet.

Yellow Nuka-Cola is a consumable item in Fallout Tactics.


Yellow Nuka-Cola was "invented" by a crazed man by the name of Roshambo via urinating in existing Nuka-Cola.[1]


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Yellow Nuka-Cola is a "variation" of regular Nuka-Cola, both yellow in color and with an "interesting" smell. In Chicago, during the Brotherhood of Steel's reign, there were reports of this strange yellow Nuka-Cola. However, it was quickly identified as a substance designed by a "mad naked man" who "made water." Considering this, and the fact that it's poisonous to anyone naive enough to actually drink it, it is apparent that the so-called cola is in fact a generous helping of urine.



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