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Yefim Bobrov is the innkeeper and co-owner of the Dugout Inn, living in Diamond City in 2287.


Yefim and his twin brother Vadim Bobrov are of East Slavic descent. Together they own and operate the Dugout Inn, a bar and hotel which is the primary competitor of the upscale Colonial Taphouse and a popular gathering place for Diamond City's common people. He is the innkeeper of the establishment and takes care of most of the management and financial matters.

Unlike his cheerful and talkative brother, Yefim is a quiet and reserved man who is more strict in his choice of words but is always happy to serve his customers. He constantly reminds his brother Vadim that he is not his personal accountant and is irritated by the former's tendency to consider his personal finances as part of the Dugout's expenditures. Yefim insists that his brother pay his bills and act more like a gentleman, use his inside voice while chatting with patrons behind the bar, and assist Scarlett with keeping the inn neat and tidy.[1]

Interactions with the player character

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This character rents beds. Bottle cap 10.



It is discovered by Scarlett that Vadim has unresolved issues regarding his mother, and that it a source of mental anguish and excessive drinking.[2] It appears Yefim is not unaware of Vadim's troubles and attempts to have a serious talk about his wellbeing and drunken offloading in front of Scarlett and how she shouldn't have to be responsible for him when starts to pass out. This conversation is cut short due to Vadim's lack of interest in dealing with it, likening Yefim to their mother with his nagging.[3]


Yefim Bobrov appears only in Fallout 4.