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Year: 2096 is a holotape in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


This holotape is added to the player character's Pip-Boy after reading the Year 2096 I entry on Randall Clark's terminal in the Stone Bones cave.


February 11th
Fuckers killed all the men. I think they would've taken the women alive but Maria and Selena opened fire and some of the others went for their guns so they shot them down and some of the kids with them.

If I could've warned them.

February 12th
Elena and Carmen and 5 children still alive, being kept in a pen.

There are more than 100 of these assholes in blue suits. Every suit says "22" on the back. Why? Armed to the teeth with submachine guns, pistols. Estimate 60% male. Everyone seems to follow the dark-haired guy but can't get close enough to tell. Assholes are disciplined - patrols, sentries - they mean business.

Say I go in at night and get the women and children out. Where to next?

But I have to get them out. Have to.

February 13th
Recon during night. Well-organized, sentries along most approaches, but stream not covered.

Are they sick? Lots of coughing fits. Tuberculosis?

Women and children still in pen. Will try to infiltrate by stream tomorrow night.

February 14th
They ate them.

February 19th
Ambush along riverside trail. 6 males killed. Heard their coughing a mile away.

Used their grenades to booby-trap bodies, kept half. Secured 6 SMGs, 500 rounds 10mm, 6 frags.

February 20th
Ambush along riverside trail. 2 males died checking bodies. Killed 2 more with rifle. Shot 1 through calf and let asshole crawl off to spread message. Coughed like I'd shot him through lungs.

February 23rd
Ambush half-mile east of coal pits wash. 8 males killed.