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Year: 2078 is a holotape in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


The holotape is added to the Pip-Boy after reading the Year 2078. entry on Randall Clark's terminal in the Fallen Rock cave.


January 1st
Happy New Year.

Two months in cave. Still lethal outside. Don't get it. In army they said 2-4 weeks cleared fallout.

Less than a month's water left. Been mopping condensation off cave walls, wringing shirt into bottles. Trading calories for H2O. Food stocks holding. Thanks, USGS.

If there was even a chance I'd see the two of you again, I'd run outside.

January 10th
Sounded like windstorm out there for 2 days. Radiation down 500. What happened?

January 15th
Took a peek. Snow. It glows green.

January 28th
Radiation low enough I could risk short exposure outside.

More important, cave stream now drinkable if I use Rad drugs.

January 30th
There is nothing alive out there.